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• Journalist/online diarist Lynne d Johnson is feeling Bad Boys II starring Will Smith And Martin Lawrence:

"In Bad Boys II, you have fast cars and big guns, and some believable (though all not totally so) action scenes that display beautiful cinematography. The comedic timing of both Smith and Martin is so on point, even if you don't want to laugh at their overuse of the word nigger you find yourself in stitches. For the most part, I believe that folks have been waiting patiently these past eight years for the return of this duo and trust me it's well worth the wait . . ."

But columnist/writer Ray Pride of MovieCity News disagrees and thinks Bad Boys II is disgusting beyond reasoning:

"Yes, [there] are lovely "go-boom" practical stunts . . . [but] the movie readily pranks over the line into high-octane decadence and it can't be called anything but disjointed swill."

I'm Neva Scuurred

Possibly The Hottest Movie Of The Fall Season

• A local filmmaker and a former Miss Black USA pageant winner have teamed up to helm a fictional film about a R&B musician.

The story tracks 50 years in the life of Derk Jerome, a black East Side (Buffalo, N.Y.) resident who rises to pop-music stardom in the 1950s. The film not only follows Jerome breaking through the music industry's color barrier, but also the bittersweet story of a Buffalo family.

Now let's get back to some Hip-Hop News . . . shall we?

Get Rich and Start Dressin' Like Fiddy: 50 Cent is launching his own clothing line this year called G-G-G-G G-Unit Clothing Co., and it's backed by Ecko designer Marc Ecko. Some initial gear are heading to stores just in time for the holiday season.

• Hip-hop diarist Madison of Diesel Nation is not impress that Harvard educators have added Hip-Hop to the University's curriculum.

2Pac 101: The written word of the late rapper Tupac Shakur will be analyzed and discussed in a college class called "The Text Appeal of Tupac Shakur" at the University of Washington in Seattle. The fall course will examine the literary influences of Tupac's lyrics via a selection of writings including works by Sun Tzu (The Art Of War), Machiavelli (The Prince) and Shakespeare.

WOW! – Part 2

• Nominees for the Chickenhead Awards, er, excuse me, the Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards were announced last week. Floetry leads the pack of nominees with four mentions, including Best R&B/Soul Group Or Duo and Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year for their debut CD Floetic.

• On Method Man's 1996 debut album Tical, Meth says on the song "Bring the Pain":

"Of course it's the Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan
I be hectic, and comin' for the head piece protect it
Fuck it, two tears in a *bucket, niggaz want the ruckus . . ."
* -- bucket also means "raggedy car."

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Hip-Hop Quote of the Day:

"When I did 'Baby Got Back,' I did it to be unpopular. Really . . . I did it to piss people off. The establishment didn't embrace the song, which is what kept me from being the next pop guy to fizzle out and get laughed at, get dissed on TV. That helped save me. The fact that MTV banned the record – it made the record, in a weird way."
– Chief Boot Knocka Sir Mix-A-Lot