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Y'all know what time it is . . . it's time for some News:

Heather Hunter

• Porn star Heather Hunter is spitting rhymes instead of cum; She's working with producers Timbaland and DJ Premier on her own solo rap joint!

• Baby Dy-no-mite! Congratulations to my homegirl Ms. Dynamite. She delivered a healthy baby boy on Thursday in a London hospital. Dynamite, her boyfriend and their newborn are all doing well.

• An honor long overdue: Billboard magazine will recognize the extraordinary careers of DJ Grandmaster Flash and singer Betty Wright with its Founders Awards, for their achievements in hip-hop and R&B music. The appreciation will take place at the 2003 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards show on Aug. 8.

50 Cent's long-lost redneck cousin Ford F150 Cent has released a hot new remix of Fiddy's thug-ballad "21 Questions."

• The Real M&M.

Hip-Hop On Jay Street

Who is Jay-Z's hip-hop violinist?

• Hip-Hop is everywhere – even in a small redneck, hillbilly town:
Local music mogul hopes to put area on the map

Upstart label executive Jasper W. White is head of a hip-hop label based not in New York City or Los Angeles, but in Fredericksburg, [Virginia] – a place where good ol' boys yell for rap songs to be turned off between innings of summer ball games, and where one is more likely to hear the crooning of country star Toby Keith on a passing car radio than the rhyming of Jay-Z.

You Gotta Shake That Jelly!


• Is Hip-Hop Endangering Black Lives?
In the Boston Herald, Les Taha, author of the book The Architects of Rap: Poison in Our Culture, believes rap music is causing psychological harm to the youth and endangering our lives. He then goes on to slam 50 Cent and says he's poisoning the youth with his lyrics.

"That's what's hurting us now,'' Taha says. "Not the fact that some waitress won't wait on you in Denny's. Our biggest problems are the family and crime. But then you see rap music and videos that are cheerleaders for these problems. I'm just shocked that more leaders aren't speaking out. I'm convinced that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be speaking out against this.''

Weird News

Passengers, this is your captain speaking and welcome to United Airlines. Our in-flight entertainment for today is a naked man dancing in the aisle. Enjoy and have a wonderful trip. Shake your booty, it's your birthday.

What stupid people will do for money: A man hires a limo to drive him to a San Francisco bank so he can rob it.

Hip-Hop Site of The Day: Move The Crowd

Hip-Hop Quote of The Day:
"To be quite honest I think KRS-One and Public Enemy are the two cats who really inspired me to be the person that I'm striving to be."
– '80's Canadian rapper Maestro Fresh Wes