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OutKast's Soon To Be Classic CD

I'm Jonesin' right now for some new OutKast shit. After hearing a new song from GooDie MoB member Big Gipp (featuring Kast's Andre 3000) called "Boogie Man," I'm ready for some futuristic crunk from the ATLien duo.

The new OutKast double-CD Speakerboxxx/The Love Below will hit stores on Sept. 23, so mark your calendars and save your money. Support great rap music, ya heard!

So far, Dre has been generating a lot buzz with his music that he's presenting on his half -- The Love Below. Pitchfork Media is raving about Dre's "Hey Ya," a leaked single, which is making the rounds on the internet.

"Songs that cram as many moments of sheer surprise and joy as "Hey Ya" has don't tend to retain their impact over time. But this track not only had my neck snapping on first listen, but leaves my head bobbing and a smile on my face with every subsequent play. This is pure pop for Now people."

Word. I like that phrasing, "This is pure pop for the Now people." The time is now for some ebullient hip-hop.

But HardCore has an inside track on what you are going to hear on Speaker Boxxx/The Love Below.

"[The] double album [is] like none you've ever seen or heard before. Expect the extroverted Big Boi to take you on a journey that'll encompass everything that's going on in the world today - from the 'hood to Baghdad. Conversely, expect Andre to take an introspective approach by bringing you into his world, and exploring his deepest secrets, pains, and desires. Andre actually sings on every track on his album except one, an eight minute continuous rap that has no hook. That's right y'all, dude is on some very different sh*t. The album . . . [will] boldly challenge your concept of what a good hip-hop album is supposed to be."

Well, cot damn! I'm ready to hear this joint!

And check this out – OutKast has a BLOG!!! Holy shit, who knew? I doubt that Big Boi and Andre 3000 are blogging on here, it looks like a 'Kast fan or a "Stank Head" is doing all of the writing. But isn't cool, though?

Another excellent OutKast site is the one over at Hip Hop Logic. To check it out, click HERE. Everything you want to know about OutKast is here - from bios, old-ass pictures, interviews, lyrics and all kinds of information about 'Kast.

Also, to listen to 'Kast's other two singles, "Ghetto Musick" and "She Lives In My Lap" (my favorite song from Dre), click THIS.

I'm ready for some OutKast. It's a no-brainer that the stankilicious duo will indeed have the Best Album Of The Year.

And for hip-hop right now . . . that's a beatuiful thing.