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News Headlines (Part 2)

Bootylicious diva Beyonce

• A Bootylicious Comeback? ::
R&B crooner Marques Houston (aka Batman from IMX) will release a song dedicated to his old girlfriend Beyoncé -- it's a dance track called "Pop That Booty."

Ah, yes, pop that booty. Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, must be angry at this revelation -- yes, daddy's little girl is a hoochie mama. *wink (Ha! Ha!)

• New Hip-Hop Class Teaches 50 Cent, Run-DMC ::

A new hip-hop class is raising eyebrows and surprising students with how in-depth it is. Hip-hop culture is the subject of the newest class offered by the Center for Black Studies at Northern Illinois University. The class offers a chance to learn about all the hip-hop artists people may enjoy listening to.
Okay class, today's lesson is "Thug Marketing." We are going to learn how to get shot nine times and make a successful rap career out of it. G-G-G G-Unit!

Hip-hop Folkie Everlast Signs With Def Jam

• Look Out Source Here Comes The TRUTH ::

A James Madison University (Virginia) campus DJ has started his own rap publication called TRUTH magazine. Inside the 12-page magazine there are interviews with rappers Skillz and Talib Kweli, plus insightful articles addressing topics like the "n-word" in hip-hop, the abuse of soundscan sales and a column on American democracy. "Hip-hop's just a form of entertainment," says Thomas Anderson, the man behind the publication. "We're basically using hip-hop to bridge the culture."

P. Diddy Is Going Back To School
He's going to teach class on how to bling-bling and make glorified party records off of samples.
I kid, I kid. Hee! Hee!
Mr. Diddster had a meeting with New York Mayor Bloomberg to see what he can do to help the public school system.

• Yo! Yo! Yo! Check out the hottest "beer-geek-hip-hop" group that's blowing up at your local brewery -- The Pain Relievaz. Their 5-song CD is slammin'! Tracks like "Brewer's Bling-Bling" and "I Got Busy with an A-B Salesgirl" is off the nozzle my hozzles. The duo of Funkmaster I.B.U. and DJ Li'l Guy are just trying to keep it real. "We like to get real pissy drunk," says Funkmaster I.B.U.

Yes, this is a joke.


Hip-hop's Not So Hidden Messages

Weird News

• This is very interesting :: Party of the Body

• Mmm, Mmm, Ewwwww ::
Utah woman has sued the Campbell Soup Co., saying she found a tooth in the chicken soup she served her 13-month-old son last year and now is afraid to eat soup.

Hip-Hop Site of the Day
The Hip-Hop Post

Hip-Hop Quote of the Day
"They (fans) won't let [Tupac] die. And when they ask me, I say, as long as I breathe air 'Pac is never dead. This is what they want to hear. I always say that anyway. These kids come up and hug me and I say, 'Damn, these kids love Pac.' I cannot figure it out other than the chemistry that existed, that [2Pac] was a genius and he knew how to reach his people. He reached them, they loved him, and they will not let him die. I love him, because he’s my godson, he’s family and I struggle to understand as I grow."
-- Geronimo Ji Jaga (Tupac Shakur's godfather) on the legacy of his late godson.