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Thug 4 Life

The Late Great (2Pac)Tupac Shakur

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Thug 4 Life is a daily weblog that tracks a white guy from New York named Tom Sanford who is trying every conceivable way to transform himself into the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

No, this is not a joke website. From what I can tell this is real. After reading through Tom's diary entries, I am totally fascinated by this weblog. The guy -- who makes his living as an abstract artist -- seems very respectful of Tupac Shakur and his legacy. He's committed to becoming Tupac Shakur.

Tom has gotten in shape to have the same muscular build as Tupac; he is donning some of Tupac's tattoes; He is listening to Tupac's music and he has read many of the Tupac biographies. The daily entries are an interesting read. This is a blog that hip-hop heads should check out. But what I want to know is -- is this offensive? Is he making a mockery out of the legacy of Tupac Shakur? Please tell me what you think about this.

[EDIT] Also, on a side note, Tom's transformation into Tupac Shakur calls for a discussion on race and identity. Jason of Negro Please tackles this subject in his recent post. His entry was inspired by another post by George Junior.

There's a notion that nobody who is white would ever choose to be black -- which I tend to agree. But let's flip that equation: Would anyone who is black ever choose or want to be white? What if a scientist could turn your brown skin color (pigmentation) so you can become a white person, would you go for it? [Read Black No More by George Schuyler]

So now let's look at Tom here: This is a white dude who is choosing to be an iconic figure who is black. So how do you view Tom's ongoing Tupac transformation? Do you question Tom's whiteness? Is he a poser pissing on Tupac's grave? OR is he just a crazy white boy?[/EDIT]