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Blue Skies

I swiped this from Mister JT of Negro Please ::

Top 5 thoughts while watching/listening to OutKast's André 3000 perform "Hey Ya" on The Late Show with David Letterman last Friday (Sept. 26) ::

1. Dré is a hip-hop superstar!
2. The go-go dancer in the pink outfit is hot!
3. Dré can carry a tune; He's actually a nice singer!
4. "Hey Ya" is the coolest song of the year!
5. My gosh, Dré should take his act on the road -- he should call it the Ice Cold Tour.

Top 5 Songs of the right now ::

1. "Walked Outta Heaven" -- Jagged Edge
2. "Rain On Me" -- Ashanti
3. "My Crew" -- Jean Grae
4. "Hey Ya" -- André 3000
5. "Gettin' Late" -- Floetry

Top 3 things I've written that you don't know nothin' about ::


Top 5 things that I haven't had time to write yet ::

1. My music review on CDs by Little Brother and Cunninlynguists -- two southern rap groups who are the heir apparents to OutKast.
2. A hip-hop-related book.
3. A screenplay.
4. My 1,000 word music review on CDs by one-named R&B lotharios:Kem, Dwele, Javier and Malik.
5. A bio on a friend who's running a very successful business-to-business entertainment company.

Top things I've been doing at home when I get free moments ::

1. Blogging.
2. Having late-night chats with a fly girl from the Midwest.
3. Listening to new CDs that I get in the mail from record labels.
4. Balancing by checkbook; paying bills, bills, bills, bills.
5. Sleeping.
6. Blogging.
7. Zone out on VH1 and/or BET

Good Movies I've seen on DVD [at the barbershop] ::

1. The Hulk [bootleg DVD]
2. The Family Guy (season 3)
It's not a movie, but it was entertaining to watch while getting my "baldie" haircut.

Bad Movies I've seen on DVD [at the barbershop] ::

1. Once Upon a Time In Mexico [on bootleg DVD]
2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [on bootleg DVD]

Albums playing on the regular right now ::

1. OutKast -- The Love Below side
2. Kindred The Family Soul -- Surrender To Love
3. Seal -- Seal IV
4. Erykah Badu -- Worldwide Underground
5. DMX -- Grand Champ
6. OutKast -- The Love Below side
7. Various Artists -- Universal Records/Motown Records' Fall 2003 music sampler CD (sent via mail)
8. Aesop Rock -- Bazooka Tooth
9. Various Artists -- Don Cello and Friends
10. OutKast -- The Love Below side

Unconscious Mutterings For Week 34 ::

  1. Herpes :: Don't Want It!
  2. Freddy :: Krueger
  3. October :: next month
  4. Hunting :: game
  5. MSN :: Internet
  6. 36 :: in three more years (age-wise)
  7. Hotel :: California
  8. Travesty :: the state of hip-hop music
  9. Health :: conditions
  10. Conditions :: are looking good