Trent's Big Post Of Life List (Part III)
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Flying The Friendly Skies

The Weekly Wrap-Up :: On Travel

1. What is the most essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why?

When I traveled to Minneapolis (Mpls), the most essential item in my suitcase was my toiletries case – it had everything: toothbrush/paste, soap, lotion and cologne. I don't use the hotel's soap and lotion products.

2. What is the least essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why?

The least essential item that I included in my suitcase was "wet wipes." I don't know why I included Lever2000 hand "wet wipes" in my suitcase, but I barely used them when I travel.

3. How early do you start packing for a big trip (say, a week)? Why so early or so late?

For my 3-day vacation to Mpls, I packed one bag the day before I had to leave. I was only going for three days, so I packed lightly with a few items. To be honest, I'm a procrastinator, so that's why I packed my bag so late.

4. What do you pack in your carry-on bag if you're flying? If you've never flown, estimate what you'd pack.

When I went to Mpls, I packed magazines and a few clothes in my carry-on bag. You can't pack a lot of things in your carry-on bag because the plane's cargo compartments are very small. My suggestion is to pack your personal items in your carry-on bag as well as magazines, palm pilot and any other writing/reading materials.

5. What kind of stuff do you (or would you) pack if you were traveling with a child for a three-hour flight?

I would definitely pack a game boy and make sure s/she's has the newest game to play – that should keep the child busy. Also, pack a writing pad and or coloring book materials. If you and your child have a favorite card game that the two of you play, then bring the card game.

Unconscious Mutterings For Week 38 ::

  1. Roadtrip :: My three-hour travel to my job from N.J. to NYC and back everyday.
  2. Honey :: My baby from the Midwest
  3. Flanders :: Ed
  4. Vampire :: Dracula
  5. Justice :: For All
  6. Marine :: Water
  7. Protractor :: Doctor's tool for peeking into the anal cavity
  8. Rubber :: Room
  9. London :: Calling
  10. Jerry :: Rice