Trent's Big Post of Life List (Part IV)

News Headlines

DJ/Producer 9th Wonder

• Celebrated beatmaker 9th Wonder (of the indie-rap champions Little Brother) recorded a track with Jay-Z for his upcoming farewell LP The Black Album. And Jigga gave music insiders a taste of things to come. The Black Album hits stores on Nov. 28.

• Remember this: Hip-hop is worldwide, baby. Hip-hop is even in Alaska. Get off your block and listen to something new.

• Tammy Faye and Lil' Kim must be sharing make-up tips together. Click this>>

Rhythm Of the Knife ::
Singer Chico DeBarge – whose older siblings formed the '80s group
DeBargewas stabbed Thursday morning outside of a Philadelphia nightclub by reputed mob figure John "Johnny Gongs" Casasanto.

• NBA b-baller Allen Iverson is the ultimate hip-hop athlete?

"[A.I.] is very much in line with hip-hop," says cultural critic Todd Boyd, author of the just-released book Young Black Rich and Famous: The Rise of the NBA, the Hip-Hop Invasion and the Transformation of American Culture. "[Los Angeles Lakers star] Kobe Bryant defies the perceived ghetto stereotype of most NBA players and that has often caused Bryant to function as the league's 'de facto white man.'"

Signs Of Money Savin' ::
R&B stud Tyrese recently visited his alma mater, Grape Street Elementary School, in Watts, Calif., and talked with teens about being money smart. The singer spoke to the students as part of the "Banking On Our Future Across America" program, which teaches money management to young teens nationwide. "[I'm] here to instill the truth and reality about finances into these kids," said Tyrese.


• Columnist Stanley Crouch doesn't think Ghettopoly is an insult to African-Americans, but rather black music is . . . read HERE>>

Wacky News

Bubble Yum :: Bubble gum celebrates 75 years of being America's favorite treat and making kids' teeth rotten.

• A British couple have been forced to move [out of their] house because of the shame caused by the name of their street – Butt Hole Road.
Imagine if you live on Butt Hole Road? The mailman might be afraid to deliver your mail.

• Six naughty English schoolboys popped Viagra at lunch – and were caught when fellow students giggled at the obvious results.
Female teacher to male student: "Excuse me son, is that an apple in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

Hip-Hop Site of the Day ::

Hip-Hop Quote of the Day::

"I've been there so long, I just needed some space; quality of life," he says. "New York is cool, but I'm just trying to get a better bang for my buck, basically. North Carolina is still close to New York and has a couple of things that were important to [my family], like a good education system for the kids."

-- Mike G of the Jungle Brothers has moved Straight Out the Jungle – that is, New York City – and is now living in the suburbs of North Carolina.