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Purple Reign


It's a sure bet that R&B's Royal Highness Prince will be inducted into the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year. Like I have said in a previous post, the Minneapolis rocker is the Beethoven of R&B -- a reclusive musical genius.

But if you want further proof, check out Angelique's review of the just-released Prince Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas DVD (NPG Music Club/Universal). Here's an excerpt:

"As a viewer you are exposed to all sides of Prince: the humorous side, his politically conscious mind, his romantic nature. In "Got A Broken Heart Again" his signature falsetto is still on point and his timing is flawless. It makes you want to bust out your [Prince] album collection and fall in love with that funky kid from Minneapolis all over again. My favorite performance from the concert is "Sometimes it Snows in April," which is a soft, lingering lullaby from the Parade album. The haunting melody and poignant lyrics always leave me misty eyed."

To read more, click HERE>>


Trent's Big Post Of Life List (Pt. II)

Thanks to blog-master Mister JT, I'm now addicted to writing "Big Post Of Life" lists. I just can't stop doing them. Yeah, I know I'm biting, but Mister JT is bringing the hot ish!

Top 5 things wrong in my field of vision right now ::

  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Hip-hugging jeans for men (Please, I don't want to see men's ass cracks)
  • The upcoming recall election in California
  • Mike Tyson is flat broke, yet, he has a girlfriend who is drop-dead gorgeous -- WTF?!?!?!
  • That I'm not a CEO of my very own record company or music magazine.

    The 4 best things I saw, did, or listened to this week ::

  • The season premiere of Saturday Night Live with host Jack Black and musical guest John Mayer
    I laughed throughout the show. I haven't done that since . . . well, since never!

  • The School of Rock . . . really rocks!
    Take the kiddies to see it, as well. Jack Black is a superstar!

  • R. Kelly's music video for "Step In The Name Of Love"
    Director Little X did an excellent job showcasing the latest dance craze called "stepping," which is the hot thing on the ballroom floors all across Chicago and Detroit. It's syncopated dancing in the name of love.

  • I [almost] read: Songs in the Key of Black Life by Mark Anthony Neal
    I didn't get a chance to fully read the book. I flipped through a few pages. But from what I have read so far author/cultural critic Mark Anthony Neal has done it again with his analytical look into the musical history of R&B. I respect this man's critique.

    Top 5 songs of the right now ::

  • "Indian Flute" -- Timberland and Magoo
    The beat is sick! Timbaland' brother Sebastian is a soon-to-be rap superstar.

  • "Pass the Dutch" -- Missy Elliott
    Miss E is on some wild shit -- she's a one-woman OutKast

  • "The Red" -- JayLib
    That's Madlib and Jay Dee for those of who don't know.

  • "So Into You" -- Fabolous (featuring Tamia)
    Hey, country boo!

  • "More And More" -- Joe

    Top 3 things I've reviewed that you don't know nothin' about ::

  • Jean Grae : The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP (it's coming up, right here on Beats & Rants)

    Good movie I've seen on [bootleg] DVD [at the barbershop] ::

  • Open Range starring Kevin Costner
    I didn't watch the film in its entirety, but from what I have seen -- which was about an hour of the movie -- it wasn't a bad western flick.

    Albums playing on the regular right now ::

  • Jean Grae :: The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP
  • JayLib :: Champion Sound
  • OutKast :: The Love Below side
  • Anthony Hamilton :: Comin' From Where I From
  • Maria :: My Soul
  • Donna Summer's Greatest Hits CD (sent to me via mail by a publicist)
  • OutKast :: The Love Below side


  • Trent's Big Post of Questions List

    I stole this from insomniac Erica ::

    B A S i C * Q U E S T i O N S

    [ my name is ] - You know who I am
    [ my nicknames are ] - I have been known by a few colorful sobriquets such as Boo Boo, Big Man, Trent Boogie and T, among other things
    [ all i need is ] - Money
    [ love is ] - The most beautiful feeling in the world
    [ if i could see one person right now ] - It would be that mystery girl from the Midwest
    [ im afraid of ] - being broke
    [ i dream about ] - sex

    W i T H * T H E * O P P O S i T E * S E X . . .

    [ what do you notice first? ] - Eyes, then lips, then boobs and then booty
    [ last person you danced with ] - Journo thugs don't dance

    W H O . . .

    [ makes you laugh the most? ] - My twin brother
    [ makes you smile ] - This nice girl from the Midwest that I'm talking to
    [ gives you a funny feeling when you see them ] - The Po Po
    [ has a crush on you ] - No one
    [ do you have a crush on] - This hot girl from the Midwest
    [ easier to talk to: boys or girls? ] - My homeboys

    W H O * W A S * T H E * L A S T * P E R S O N . . .

    [ you talked to ] - The mystery girl from the Midwest
    [ hugged ] - Never received one
    [ you instant messaged ] - Everyone
    [ you laughed with ] - My brother

    M O R E * Q U E S T i O N S . . .

    [ i want ] - More money
    [ i love ] - Money
    [ i miss ] - Being loved by someone
    [ i fear ] - No one
    [ i hear ] - My alarm clock ringin'
    [ i wonder ] - How I'm going to live til I'm 100 years old

    S E V E N * T H I N G S * Y O U * L O V E * T O * D O

    - Buy CDs; Listen to music
    - Write
    - Sleep
    - Go shopping and buy fresh gear
    - Go to work
    - Watch television
    - Write about music

    S E V E N * T H I N G S * T H A T * A N N O Y * Y O U

    - All the people who ride the train to work with me every morning
    - People who smoke cigarettes
    - Co-workers who bitch all day on the job -- shut the fuck up and work
    - Pretty bitches, er, I mean women, who think they are hot stuff because they are beautiful, and treat men -- who may not have the bling-bling like Jay-Z or the muscles like 50 Cent -- like shit
    - Pop-up ads
    - Paying bills
    - 50 Cent

    F I V E * T H I N G S * Y O U * D O * E V E R Y D A Y

    - Write
    - Breathe
    - Wash
    - Sleep
    - Fart

    O N E * P E R S O N * Y O U * C O U L D * S P E N D * Y O U R*
    L I F E * W I T H * F O R E V E R

    - My twin brother

    W H E N * W A S * T H E * L A S T * T I M E * Y O U . . .

    Smiled :: When I was talking to that crazy girl from the Midwest
    Frowned :: After paying my bills, I looked at what little money is left in my checking account
    Laughed :: Last night talking to this chick from the Midwest
    Got Mad :: Last week on the job
    Cried ::
    Were in love :: 5 or six years ago
    Got confused :: All the damn time
    Played a devilish prank :: I don't do that shit
    Fell asleep :: Yesterday
    Were kissed :: Hmmm, not recently
    Had sex :: Not today
    Got drunk :: Three months ago
    Got High :: ollege Years (circa 1990's)
    Got in a fight :: College Years (circa 1990's)
    Talked on the phone :: Yesterday
    Lied :: All the time (Ha! Ha!)

    A N 0 T H E R * 0 N E

    [ pierce your nose or tongue ] - I don't do that shit
    [ be serious or be funny ] - I'm do a little of both
    [ coke or pepsi ] - I prefer water or green tea
    [ whole or skim milk ] - Neither
    [ single or taken ] - Single, would like to be taken
    [ simple or complicated ] - Simple, but life is soooo complicated
    [ law or anarchy ] - Law
    [ flowers or angels ] - We need more angels
    [ grey or gray ] - What?
    [ read or write ] - Write
    [ color or black-and-white photos ] - Color baby!
    [ sunrise or sunset ] - I'm a sunset dude
    [ m&m's or skittles ] - M&M's
    [ rap or rock ] - Rap. Hip-Hop is not dead . . . it's just in another spirit. Peep OutKast, yo!
    [ stay up late or wake up late ] - Staying up late
    [ tv or radio ] - Television
    [ is it pop or soda ] - Neither. I want some H2O.
    [ x or o in tic-tac-toe ] - X
    [ eat an apple or an orange ] - Apple
    [ hot or cold ] - Hot
    [ dead or alive ] - Alive
    [ tall members of the opposite sex or short ] - Both, if they want to have sex with me.
    [ sun or moon ] - Sun
    [ emerald or ruby ] - Who cares
    [ left or right ] - I'm a lefty
    [ vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream ] - Chocolate ice cream
    [ high or drunk ] - How about staying "cool"
    [ low fat or fat free ] - What's the difference?
    [ what is your biggest fear in the world ] - Getting laid off from my job, and being broke
    [ kids or no kids ] - I'm for kids
    [ cat or dog ] - Dog (Arf! Arf!)
    [ half empty or half full ] - Half full
    [ mustard or ketchup ] - Ketchup
    [ sandals or sneakers ] - Air Force 1s
    [ happy and poor or sad and rich ] - Sad and rich
    [ singing or dancing ] - Singing [on the down low]
    [ hugging or kissing ] - Kissing (especially with the tongue)
    [ corduroy or plaid ] - Cords. I like the cargo corduroys
    [ happy or sad ] - Happy
    [ purple or green ] - Green
    [ a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship ] - If it's with a nice, hot girl -- a year of hot sex, if it's with a guy -- a lifetime of friendship. I don't believe straight men can be friends with women without the sex part getting in the way.