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Cannibal Ox's hip-hop classic album Cold Vein

UPDATE: Jon of HipHop Anonymous was able to get the 411 on the whole Cannibal Ox breakup, and this is the official word from their label Def Jux. According to CanOx's reps, the rap duo DID NOT split up, but in fact the group are on "hiatus" as Vordul and Vast Aire pursue their solo careers. This piece of news is bittersweet, considering that they did canceled their tour with Jean Grae at the last minute, which left Jean hanging without nothing to support her latest effort, The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP. CanOX gets the gas face for doing that to a fellow MC.

Say it isn't so . . .

After one classic album, indie-rap champions Cannibal Ox have disbanded. Rhyme-slingers Vast Aire and Vordul have parted ways reportedly over creative differences. "This is the second tour we canceled this year," said former Ox DJ Anthony "Cip One" Cipriani. "Since leaving Def Jux, Vast and Vordul rarely speak to each other anymore. Vast just wants to focus on his solo career." Jean Grae reportedly is in shock over the breakup and never saw it coming. Even sadder news, her promo tour -- with Cannibal Ox -- in support of her brilliant The Bootleg Of The Bootleg EP has been canceled.

This sucks for everybody -- especially for Jean who is trying to get some exposure (and some dough from these shows) for her latest project. And concertgoers nationwide will miss out on watching a talented MC rip it on the mic.

This is such sad news, but it's the nature of the bizness.

But at least Cannibal Ox leaves on a high note. Their debut CD The Cold Vein is indeed a hip-hop classic. If you ever get a chance to listen to the disc it will remind you of the very first time you heard the pure unadulterated beats and rhymes from the Wu-Tang Clan on their debut CD Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The Cold Vein's aggro-electro breakbeat productions by producer/rapper EL-P goes against the norm of today's conventional rap sounds. And the duo's gritty street rhetoric is as abstract and weary as the Harlem (New York) streets they grew up on.

Cannibal Ox will be sorely missed.

In light of this news, I'm begging everyone out there to go purchase Jean Grae's Bootleg EP and support a sister who is trying to make a living doing what she loves to do -- and that's rhyme for the people.

Jean Grae . . . if you are reading this . . . keep your head up. We still need you.