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News Headlines

"My hamstrings are all fucked up, and my toes are bleeding . . ."
-- P. Diddy after finishing the ING New York City Marathon in 4+ hours.

Jay-Z's Farwell Album

J-J-J-J-J-J Unit!!! ::
How convenient, two blockbuster CDs are set to hit shelves on Friday, Nov. 14 -- Jay-Z's highly-anticipated farewell disc The Black Album and G-Unit's LP Beg For Mercy. Read hip-hop writer Jay Smooth's early album review on Jigga's retirement disc, right HERE. Oh, by the way, this isn't Jay-Z's last recording. Nope, siirrr. Jay Smooth has got the scoop on Jay-Hova's NEXT LP, which is set to drop in spring 2004. Read it HERE>>.

"Change" Owed ::
Jay-Z recently was slapped with a lawsuit by a contractor who claims that Jay & Co. owes him $46,000 in construction work, lighting and furniture that was done for the rhyme-slinger's New York-area sports club 40/40.

Ahhh, so that's the reason why The Black Album is coming out so soon. Jigga has got bills to pay.

The Ruler's Back ::

After 17 months in jail, old-schooler Slick Rick walked out of Department of Homeland Security jail on Friday a freed man. The rhyme-slinger was jailed in June 2002 when U.S. immigration officials tried to deport him under a 1996 law that permits deportation of foreigners convicted of violent crimes. Last week, a federal judge ruled that the Board of Immigration Appeals shouldn't have reversed an earlier decision that Rick could stay in the country despite a felony conviction. Rick's immediate plans after his release is to go into the studio within a week and start recording a new rap album.

Beyoncé in Honey Magazine – Owwwww gurl!

Speaking of "Bootylicious . . ." ::
Check out video girl Ki Toy (the booty vixen who appears in Big Boi's video for "The Way You Move"). Good laawwd! She's fwiiine as cherry wine. Trent loves the booty!

Back That Support Up ::
An arrest warrant has been issued for rhyme-slinger Juvenile for allegedly failing to pay child support to the mother of his 6-month-old daughter. "She is not asking for a million dollars, said the baby mama's attorney. "She is just asking for help. A man of his stature should be able to pay child support." Juve's lawyer, however, maintains that the rapper needs to take a paternity test to see if he is indeed the father. Juve's lawyer also adds that the rapper isn't bling-blinging like use to. "Just because someone wears cheap gold jewelry and brags in his videos doesn't mean he is a millionaire," the rapper's lawyer said.

You are [an alleged] baby daddy . . ha
You gotta go to court . . ha
You got served a warrant for child support . . ha
She's got a lot of nerve . . ha
You ain't even get a chance to say a word . . ha
I know I ain't trippin', 'cause you a deadbeat rapper . . ha

Speech-less ::
Speech of the boho rap group Arrested Development is suing Fox Television over the network's new comedy series Arrested Development.

Stick it to the man Speech . . . Tennessee, Tennessee . . .

Jean Grae is back and . . . I think she's on tour?

Opinions ::

Hip-Hop is political

• Columnist Luther Keith believes the problems facing African-Americans are not only rooted in historical racism and poverty, but in the high number of out-of-wedlock births ::

When addressing why African-Americans suffer by comparison with whites based on wealth, education, health, jobs, prison incarceration rates, etc., it's customary to trot out the usual suspects – institutional racism, the legacy of slavery, poverty and drug-plagued urban environments. All of those factors are suspects for good reason. In varying degrees, they remain barriers for many, despite the notion among some that we have arrived at a color-blind society. But it's also time to acknowledge that many of the battles African-Americans wage for quality education, economic opportunity and equality in the criminal justice system are being undermined by the high out-of-wedlock birth rate.

Weird News ::

• A popular Cambodian karaoke performer was admitted to hospital last week after his jealous wife tried – but failed – to cut off his penis while he slept, police said. Apparently, his wife was jealous of his popularity as a karaoke singer and wanted him to sing a different tune.

• Two years jail time for oral sex? Singapore Policeman Gets Two Years for Fellatio. Can you say insanity? But here's the kick-in-the-ass: The policeman is 27 years old, and the girl is 16 years old. And yes, the act was consensual. But still . . . can you say R. Kelly?

Weird Al? ::
Live from New York, it's . . . Al Sharpton? The 2004 Democratic presidential hopeful will be campaigning for laughs, as he will host the Dec. 6 episode of Saturday Night Live. Joining Al as the musical guest will be pop-punker Pink.

Hey Al, please don't say hymie town . . .

More News:

Madison from Diesel Nation celebrated the 10th Anniversary of A Tribe Called Called Quest's third hip-hop masterpiece Midnight Marauders (it dropped in stores on Nov. 9, 1993). [Yes, ATCQ had three classic albums – People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, Low End Theory and Midnight.] But I also would like to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of another hip-hop masterpiece that was released on the same day, the Wu-Tang Clan's debut opus, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) ::

Ignited by the introductory posse jam "Protect Ya Neck" and the infectious sing-along b-side, "Method Man," the Wu-Tang Clan's premiere LP is a consistent hip-hop classic – both lyrically and musically. Through 12 banging tracks, The Wu – verbal masonaries Inspecta Deck, the Rebel INS, Raekwon the Chef, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killa, The Rza, Method Man and the Gza – with their unadulterated rhymes spoke to disenfranchised youths who were searching for a dollar and a dream. "Can't It All Be So Simple," "Tears" and the timeless, piano-driven street anthem "C.R.E.A.M" may have been hip-hop's first torch-song trilogies, which showed the Wu's descriptive street-weary insights on ghetto disparity.

Other bangers like "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'," "7th Chamber" (parts I & II) and "Shame On A Nigga" relayed the Wu's cutting braggadocio style that punched and sliced your eardrums. The Rza's sonics – basements beats, unpolished mixing, dusty soul samples, kung-fu dialog, piano sonatas and orchestral movements (listen to "Tearz") – was an unprecedented "wall of sound" for hip-hop at that time. Enter the Wu (36 Chambers) certainly is one of the most treasured rap albums in the past ten years . . . and for many years to come. To hear song clips from Enter the Wu , click THIS.

Hip-Hop Site of the Day :: Wasteland Drifter
A blog from a "subversive" hip-hop head from the U.K.

Hip-Hop Quote of the Day ::

Ludacris is more than just your average hip-hopper who likes to spit crazy lyrics about chicken and beer. The rhyme-slinger is a big listener of classic rock and blue-eyed soul. "[I] like Hall and Oates," the Atlanta rhyme-slinger confesses. "I like Phil Collins. I like Michael McDonald, that dude is off the hook! I think he's really black."


Trent's Big Post of Life List (Part IV)

Oh Wow! Another Big Post From Trent!

And it's just keeps going and going and going and going . . .

Top 5 things wrong in my field of vision right now ::

  • This Nov. 4 televised powwow between Ja Rule and Minister Louis Farrakahn ::
    This has "publicity stunt" written all over it.

  • Women wearing a butt-hole piercing ::
    I'm all for a woman's right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but this particular type of mutilation is the latest trend in "sensual piercings" among young women and hyper-sexual freaks. Apparently, this silver "dumbbell-design" apparatus (1-2 inches in diameter) is pierced near (or between) the butt hole and when the woman either sits or walks, the apparatus moves in and out of the cavity.
    I don't know – different strokes for different folks. Oops, did I say stroke?

  • Jay-Z's latest single "Change Clothes And Go" is wick-wick-wick wack. "Change tunes and go" out with a bigger bang than that Jiggaman.

  • I'm still broke. Where's a $1 million when you need it?

  • How come I'm not the host of Soul Train? The show's new host Dorian Gregory is a dweeb and a horrible interviewer. I wouldn't mind hanging out on the Train and dancing with Jupiter and Slyver.

    The 4 best things I saw, did, or listened to this week ::

  • I Listened To :: Floacism "Live" by Floetry
    I got an early advance album, and I have to say that it's a nice live CD from Floetry. Three hot new joints and performances taken from their concert in New Orleans. The standout is obviously "Gettin' Late"; but "Say Yes," "Sunshine" and their new single, "Wanna B Where U R" (featuring Mos Def), are also definite bangers. If you are a fan of the romantic duo, you are going to love this CD.

  • I saw :: The Show Show.
    It's truly one of the funniest hip-hop shows on the internet. Bari the Beautiful is a top-notch host and a future superstar in the making. This is a great "Show." The series airs weekly and you can view this week's episode by clicking on the link in my "What I'm Watching" section above.

  • I did ::
    I paid a lot of bills over the weekend and I renewed two magazine subscriptions. All in total, $400 in damages to my bank account. Damn!

  • I'm Reading: XXL magazine
    An exclusive interview with Jay-Z on his final bow from the rap game.

    Top 5 songs of the right now ::

  • "More And More" -- Joe
    Timi from U.S.S. Clueless refuses to listen to this song because it makes her horny. As for me, I love Joe's sensual ballad and the accompanying music video. I definitely want more and more.

  • "You Don't Know My Name" -- Alicia Keys
    I can't enough of this song. I hope Alicia's album is as good as this -- her first single from her forthcoming CD, Diary of Alicia Keys.

  • "Milkshake" -- Kelis
    I recently saw the video for Kelis' slinky and sexy tune. The siren is looking hot in the video as she wiggles her booty in those hip-hugging jeans inside a '50s-era diner. Oh, and I like how she drinks her milkshake in the clip. La-la-la-la-la.

  • "Beyond the Stars" (featuring Glenn Lewis) -- Jeff Bradshaw
    This is a nice track off the Jeff Bradshaw's CD Bone Deep, which is in stores now. This disc is off the heezy for cheesy. Don't sleep on this album – total hotness!

  • ""Party to Damascus" -- Wyclef Jean (Featuring Missy Elliott) (Music Video)
    'Clef and Missy doing their thang. The video is ii-ight. I can't hate, so I'll congratulate. But how about another Fugees record, huh? It's not going to happen, right? Yeah, I know.

    A music review that I'm trying to write that you don't know nothin' about ::

  • Black Girls Rock!: Meshell Ndegeocello, Lizz Fields and Maria.
    Music writer/blog master Lynne d Johnson penned an informative music examination on three soulsters who are bringing their unique sound of technosoul to the forefront of the music scene. Well, let me introduce to you the three ladies of technosoul -- Meshell Ndegeocello, Lizz Fields and Maria.
    "Three women who are black, whose music is not always classifiably "authentic" black music -- not in nature, nor in context. And they often traverse too many genres for the popular music buying public to be bound up in one [categorical] box."
    (It's coming up, right here on Beats & Rants -- just give me a minute a couple of weeks.)

    A good movie I've seen on [bootleg] DVD [at the barbershop] ::

  • I didn't go to the barbershop last Saturday, but I'm quite sure next weekend will be the big "Matrix: Revolutions" matinee!

    Albums playing on the regular right now ::

  • Jeff Bradshaw :: Bone Deep
  • Floetry :: Floacism "Live" (Advance CD)
  • Various Artists :: DJ Aries Ox's Sexxy Redd mix-tape CD
  • Joss Stone :: Soul Sessions
  • Smokie Norful :: Limited Edition
  • Jaylib :: Champion Sound
  • OutKast :: The Love Below side