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Seriously Random Musings


Sunday Brunch :: On Catching Some ZZZZZs

  1. How many hours of sleep do average per day/night? I'm a night owl so I would say about 4 to 6 hours per night.

  2. Are you a bed or blanket hog?
    Nah, I like to share in bed.

  3. Are you a sleepwalker?
    Nope. But I think I snore.

  4. Do you have recurring dreams?
    I have a weird recurring wet dream. It's always with a woman and I can't see her face. But she gets bucket-nekkid and climbs into bed. Then, I get naked, and as I leap onto the bed, the woman moves out of the way and I fall through the bed into an abyss.

  5. Do you talk in your sleep?
    Nope. But I do kick. It's usually a reflex reaction, which happens right before I fall into a deep sleep. I call it a "sleep jerk." Something always moves involuntarily – usually my feet. If I ever sleep next to a woman, you better believe she's going to get a swift kick in the ass.

Unconscious Mutterings For Week 40 ::

  1. Leapfrog :: Game
  2. Co-workers :: Fuck 'Em
  3. Mustang :: Car
  4. Wafer :: Vanilla
  5. Nicotine :: Noooo!
  6. Fast food :: Noooo!
  7. Suffocate :: Choking
  8. Myth :: Men with big feet have a big . . . brain
  9. Lane :: Fast
  10. Unexpected :: Musings