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Holiday Leftovers

Leftover Holiday Meatloaf . . . Barf!

Leftovers From Sunday Brunch

Now that the holidays are over . . .

1. Which part of the holiday season are you most happy to see over?
Christmas. Trying to figure out what gifts to get for my family members and loved ones was nerve racking. I gave everyone in my family gift certificates to Old Navy. What?!? (Except for my mom, I actually gave her a nice gift.)

2. What is the biggest/best present or surprise you received during the holidays?
The biggest surprise was the New Year's Eve dinner that was prepared for me by my Minne-apple sweetie. Best/Unique presents: A personalized key chain and some great-smelling incense.

3. How did you ring in the New Year?
Good food (skrimp/crab meat salad), Good spirits (champage) and Good lovin'.

4. New Year's resolutions . . . do you make and break them, make them and stick to your guns or don't even bother?
I don't even bother. I try to set "goals" as oppose to making "resolutions" for the New Year. I try to set goals that are tangible and obtainable.

5. Has life returned to normal now that the holidays are over?
No, not yet. I have to get back on scheduled financially and mentally. I spent A LOT of money over the holidays and I'm wiped out from all the traveling, worrying, thinking and dreaming during the holidays.

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Minne-apple, Magic Negro And My Diarists

What's up my people's? It's been a long time, I'm sorry I kept you . . . without some deep words to read through. I took a vacation during the holidays and celebrated the New Year in the bitter cold of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had a wonderful time hanging out in the Twin Cities. My favorite places so far in Minne-apple:

Electric Fetus Record Store
Electric Fetus is a great place to buy used CDs and cop the latest in hip-hop, R&B, jazz and pop. They also sell DVDs, clothes (they had some nice brim hats and t-shirts), incense, posters and cheap jewelry. I bought a dope John Coltrane t-shirt and some incense.

Mell's Beauty Bar
No, it's not a beauty salon. It's actually a nice club for thirty-something hip-hop heads -- like myself -- who want to dance to Nick Cannon's "Gigolo" without feeling awkward. The drinks were lively (and pricey) and the atmosphere was lively, too. The DJ -- when I was there -- was wick-wick wack! The DJ played crunk music all night. Hey, I love Lil' Jon and the Ying-Yang Twins, but damn, I didn't want to "Get Low" all damn night. Nevertheless, Mell's is a great place to hang out and get your groove on.

Sawatdee Restaurant
I love Thai food. This restaurant is the place to go if you want some good curry rice entrées. I had the Vegetable Thai Curry Rice plate. And for dessert, I had Green Tea Ice Cream. Yum! Good Eating!

I'm always down for some Tex-Mex action, so my friend and I were getting our grub-on at Chevys, a popular Mexican restaurant that offers delectable (fish, fowl, beef or vegetable) burrito and tortilla dishes of your choice. I had the buttered shrimp/vegetable tortilla entrée. Daaaayum, that was some good ish!


Big ups to Budget Car Rental Company for hooking a brotha up with a luxury car. That's right, I was big pimpin' in M-P-L-S. Budget had to upgrade me from a compact to a luxury vehicle because of a little snafu on their part. I don't want to get into any details, but let's just say, it's good to be upgraded! (And I saved some money on the rental thanks to my Minne-apple sweetie. Boo, you're the greatest!)

Well, that's enough of my vainglorious holiday weekend in the Twin Cities, it's now time to get back to business.

Beats & Rants is in session with a brand new design. I hope y'all like it. Also, please take note of "My Other Weblog" -- Magic Negro. I'm not going to explain why I choose to name my blog Magic Negro. And yes, I am familiar with the celluloid history of the term. Magic Negro will be the place where you can read my reviews on music, books, film and television. One of my goals this year is to write a lot of reviews since I didn't write any last year. That's why I created two blogs -- one for my ruminations (Beats & Rants) and the other for my music reviews (Magic Negro). Right now, you can head over to Magic Negro and read a "Big Post" list, which was inspired by that other Magic Negro, Mister JT.

Also, please visit my blog family ("Diarists") located on your right. I added some new writers to the list. So, I would like to take this time and introduced them to you. We got Aeki Tuesday, Ascensions, Different Kitchen, EJ Flavors, DJ Spicerack, Her Perspective, LRT[joy] and Tiffany Trott. They are all great writers and I encourage you to repeatedly visit their blogs.

And tell them that Beats & Rants sent you.

Also, check out Lynne d Johnson's brand new animated weblog. You go girl!

Have a blessed 2004!


Happy New Year!

The Twin Cities Skyline!

Happy New Year! I'm in the Twin Cities -- Minne-Apple -- otherwise known as Minneapolis celebrating the incoming of 2004. (And getting my groove on! )

I wish everyone peace and prosperity in the 2 double-zero 4!

Thank you for reading (and linking) Beats & Rants 2.1.

Let's do it again!


Happy New Year!
I'm Poppin' The Cristal!