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Grammy Rap-Up

Hey Ya! OutKast Makes History!

Hey Ya! OutKast has stanked their way into rap history. The experimental hip-hoppers won three trophies at Sunday's Grammy Awards. Among the duo's wins was Album of the Year (for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below), marking the first time a rap duo (band or group) has ever won the prestigious honor. Also, making history was Beyoncé who tied the record for most trophies won by a female artist with five honors including Best R&B Song ("Crazy In Love").

Prince C. of American Black and Jay Smooth of did an excellent job of covering Sunday's Grammy Awards telecast.

Some of my thoughts on the Grammy kudofest:

I have to applaud Prince and Beyoncé for their excellent opening performance. The duo sung a medley of princely hits from the Purple One's classic rock movie Purple Rain to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the influential song and movie. Wouldn't it have been cool if the Time and Vanity 6 were on stage performing? You know, a Purple Rain reunion of sorts. I also was hoping that Prince and Beyoncé would do a rendition of "Take Me With You." Nevertheless, it was a bravo performance.

Luther Vandross had me holding back a tear. I got choked up when I saw him -- via videotape -- thanking his fans for honoring him at the all-star music event. "I wish I could be with you there tonight. I want to thank everyone for your love and support," he said. "And remember, when I say goodbye it's never for long, because" -- and he sang -- "I believe in the power of love!"

That was a Grammy moment for me.

I'm so glad that Luther is recovering well considering that this dickhead dumb-ass writer reported that he was in poor health. For me, Luther showed that he was in good spirits. Did Luther look like a man who was [incoherent] as far as making sense and understanding [of what's going on] since his stroke last year? Nope. I don't think so. He may never sing again, but I think Luther will be around to bring us joy if not with his music, certainly with his spirit.

Hey Ya! It's Andre 3000, y'all

I was a little worried for OutKast. Although they won two awards, including Best Rap Album, they got robbed in the Record of the Year category. Clearly, Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" should have won, but I have to say, that I do like Coldplay's "Clocks" song. But I have to agree with my man Jay Smooth, "Fear of a Rap Planet strikes again." Coldplay is a nice band, but it's obvious that NARAS showed their age, cyncisms, and "(pale) true colors" in choosing "Clocks" over "Hey Ya." But 'Kast did win the much sough-after prize -- Album of the Year for their hip-hop masterpiece Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Andre "Ice Cold" 3000 was looking hot in his green "Indian-styled" outfit, performing a grand rendition of "Hey Ya" complete with a marching band. All and all, I'm happy that OutKast was able to shine at the Grammies. And what was up with Andre's quick acceptance speech? "Thank you" and then he hurried down to his seat. Maybe Andre felt that their double-CD wasn't a rap album? Maybe he was sending a message: Since hip-hop is "so-called" dead, no thank-yous were needed. Or maybe, Andre was just being "Ice Cold." He's simply just too cool. I like his "Stank you very much" speech.

And boo to Justin Timberlake for punking out on the Janet Jackson "nipplegate" controversy. "I know it's been a rough week on everybody," said Justin, while accepting the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award for "Cry Me a River. "What occurred was unintentional, completely regrettable, and I apologize if you guys are offended." C'mon white boy, you wanted to see Janet's nipple just like everybody else. Be honest you punk ass. Oh, and Justin Timberlake is overrated. Music critics have got to stop calling him the "next Marvin Gaye." (Y'all know who y'all are . . . you silly writers.) He's not, let's move on.

Hey, I loved Black Eye Peas' performance of "Where's The Love." BEP came up empty at the kudofest but at least people know who BEP are now. And yes, Black Eye Peas are indeed hip-hop. Just because they are performing a positive song (with Justin Timberlake), doesn't mean they are not a "real" rap group." Hip-hop covers a myriad of subject matter not exclusive to busting gats and shaking booties. Ya heard me?

Ashanti . . . looking hot.

Jay-Z . . . looking dapper. (Put those expensive throwbacks back in the closet, it's time to button up!)

Mary J. Blige . . . looking like a canary. Well, she is a songbird.

Bootsy Collins . . . looking leopard-y. Ah, the dude to Boosty's left is Buckethead. He's actually a great guitar player. Really! As far as his wardrobe . . . well, nobody's perfect.

Beyoncé . . . pretty in pink.

Forget about Janet's nipple. Paulina Rubio shows off a little butt crack. You can almost see it HERE. On E! Television's Grammy "Red Carpet Arrivals" special, I saw a little crack. She is such a hottie. I think I found my future baby mama.

Missy Elliott . . . you work it girl! Miss E should have won the Best Rap Album trophy.

I'm done . . .