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Have A Bear-y Happy Valentine's Day

A Bitchin' Bear!

It's the Shit Bitch Bear!* You can buy it HERE.

This is funny, but I don't know if this is the appropriate gift to give to your special lady (or guy) on V-Day. But I hear that some women love the teddy bear and think it's sweet cute.

I guess so . . . in a misogynistic kind of way.

But for you lovebirds out there, here's soul crooner Anthony Hamilton's ballad "First Love" (featuring R&B newcomer-songbird LaToiya Williams). It's one of the few tracks I love from Hamilton's debut CD Comin' From Where I From.

And this is for me on Valentine's Day:

This is Robert Randolph and the Family Band's raise-the-roof-off-the-sucka guitar jam "I Need More Love."

We all need more love, don't we?
This world needs more love.

Sing it with me: " my liiife."

Happy Valentine's Day!


* (From Blunted on Reality via Josh)