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Gimme 10

I swiped this from the brotherlove ::

My laptop computer is on the fritz -- the screen (monitor) blew out -- so I'm on a quasi-hiatus until I cop a new laptop. It shouldn't be long. Right now, I'm doing some research and deciding whether I should go Mac or Windows. I like the ibook but I also like the new Compaq PC, too. Decisions, decisions.

In my absence, please partake in visiting my friends under the "Diarists" list to your right. There’s a lot of good stuff going on in the blogsphere.

Lynne d Johnson has been on a tear recently. She wrote an exceptional review on a Sun Ra DVD release. (BTW, John Coltrane looked up to Sun Ra as his mentor and spiritual advisor. Much of John's last recordings like Sun Ship, Om and Innerstellar Regions -- which were deemed experimental by jazz purists -- were partly (if not entirely) influenced by his association with Sun Ra.

Hip-Hop Journalism At Its Finest ::

Hip-Hop And Sexism 101: Bitch, Please!

And don’t forget to read stuff from Jay Smooth, Prince C, Ian and Chenault. These guys are putting it down for hip-hop. Ya heard me?

Music I’m Listening To ::

I copped the N.E.R.D. CD Fly or Die over the weekend and I love the disc, so far.
Usher's Confession is kinda lukewarm for me. I love the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Burn," and the Just Blaze-blessed banger "Throwbacks" is a definite radio hit. The rest sounds like mediocre R&B slop.

I'm Still Tripping Off Of This:

Serena Williams is dating filmmaker Brett Ratner(Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2).

Now what the fuckis this? How did a sloppy-looking, overweight dude like Brett Ratner netted a tennis goddess like Serena Williams? I’m baffled by it all.

And Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson are a couple?

Sheeeet. If these two ugly, corny-ass clowns can snag two of the flyest honeys in America, maybe I can pull Jennifer Lopez. I'm no Denzel Washington, but hell, I look way better than Brett and J-Diddy. Or is all about the money and power? None of which I don’t have. Hmmm?

I'm out!


Blog Jamming

Jamming On The Blog!

"The New York Times is not always going to go in the 'hood and tell a story. I think that’s the point -- that everyone should write and have a voice."
-- Me

Blog Jam -- Net Journalists Find An Outlet

Surf around the blogosphere and you'll see a lot of diversity. Bloggers are men, women and and children; gay and straight; black, brown and white with perspectives on a wide variety of topics. A couple of months ago, I was interviewed by writer Paul Farber for a story about journalists blogging on the Internet. I'm deeply humbled that the writer used me as a conduit -- sort-of-speak -- for his article. I was expecting a few sound bites, but I'm quoted quite extensively in the piece. I feel like a rock star. I like to send thank yous to Paul Farber and hip-hop intellectual/blogging-extraordinaire Lynne d Johnson for editing the story.

I love to blog. And like editor/cultural thinker Whitney Pastorek -- who jokingly(?) writes that blogging has ruined her life -- blogging has become an addiction for me. Pastorek -- who isn't a blogger -- and I share one commonality. She pens:

"I am no longer getting work done. I am not sleeping enough or eating enough or editing my barely solvent literary magazine, because the aforementioned issues have made it a social imperative that I check up on all the goddamn blogs every single day (and make comments) so that people know I care about their lives . . ."
Yeah, this blogging thing also has become a gift and a curse for me.

Blogging has helped me with my writing and critical thinking, but also has taken up much of my existence. I gotta figure out how to balance my life and my blogs.

Fellow blogger and author Rebecca Blood offers some great advice on writing well and maintaining your blog.

Keep on blogging!


Monday Meme

Me, Myself And Eye

(Via Monday Madness and Blown Fuse)

Using the letters in YOUR name -- real or screen name (you choose) -- list words to describe yourself.

Neat, Naughty, Noble and Nice

Using the same letters, make a list of things you would like to do before this calendar year is over.

Take up another vocation or profession (job). (Two checks are better than one)
Read more books.
Earn lots of money.
Never repeat any of the mistakes that I did last year . . . this year.
Travel somewhere outside of the United States -- Europe, Asia or the Caribbean -- on a weeklong vacation.


Three Things In My Field Of Vision Right Now

I copped this from sR:

Top 3, no, 4 Songs::

Kanye West -- "Jesus Walks" :: Spiritual hip-hop!

Usher -- "Burn" :: get out your hankies; a tear-jerky ballad from the U-Man.

Alchemist (Featuring G-Unit's Lloyd Banks) -- "Bangers" :: hot beat; wack lyrics; nice groove

Van Hunt -- "Precious" :: Prince re-incarnated; nice song from this 26-year-old soulster.

Top 3 Hooks::


Top 3 [Bootleg] Movies I Would Like To See At The Barbershop::

Starsky & Hutch
Passion of the Christ
Never Die Alone

Top 3 CDs in Heavy Rotation::

Van Hunt :: Van Hunt
Kanye West :: The College Dropout
Dujeous :: City Limits (Advance CD)

Top 3 Videos That I Stop What I'm Doing To Watch::

Ying Yang Twins -- "Salt Shaker"
Jagged Edge -- "What Its Like"
Nelly (and the heathens) -- "Tip Drill" (Catch the video on BET's late-night/early-morning video show Uncut)

Top 3 Songs That I'm Not Feeling::

Cypress Hill -- "What's Your Number?"

Eamon -- "I Don't Want You Back"

Any song by Lil' Jon

Top 3 TV Shows::

Dave Chappelle Show

The Tavis Smiley Show

The Shield (when it premieres on the FX channel on March 9)

Top 3 Debates::

Outsourcing :: Fuck No!

Passion of the Christ :: This is Mel Gibson's interpretation of the Gospels and it should not be regaled as the definitive story of Jesus Christ.

Who should African-Americans vote for in the November election?

Top 3 Sexy Traits::

1. A Big Booty
2. Sense of style
3. Strength/ Sense of humor/ Intelligence

Top 3 Things I've Been Doing Lately::

1. Working
2. Cleaning and Organizing (my life, my finances, my life, my closet)
3. Writing

Top 3 Things On My Mind Right Now::

1. Money
2. Work
3. Money

Top 3 Things I Want Someone To Buy Me (I Want And Will Buy Myself)::

1. A new laptop computer
2. ipod
3. PDA