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Monday Meme

Three Things In My Field Of Vision Right Now

I copped this from sR:

Top 3, no, 4 Songs::

Kanye West -- "Jesus Walks" :: Spiritual hip-hop!

Usher -- "Burn" :: get out your hankies; a tear-jerky ballad from the U-Man.

Alchemist (Featuring G-Unit's Lloyd Banks) -- "Bangers" :: hot beat; wack lyrics; nice groove

Van Hunt -- "Precious" :: Prince re-incarnated; nice song from this 26-year-old soulster.

Top 3 Hooks::


Top 3 [Bootleg] Movies I Would Like To See At The Barbershop::

Starsky & Hutch
Passion of the Christ
Never Die Alone

Top 3 CDs in Heavy Rotation::

Van Hunt :: Van Hunt
Kanye West :: The College Dropout
Dujeous :: City Limits (Advance CD)

Top 3 Videos That I Stop What I'm Doing To Watch::

Ying Yang Twins -- "Salt Shaker"
Jagged Edge -- "What Its Like"
Nelly (and the heathens) -- "Tip Drill" (Catch the video on BET's late-night/early-morning video show Uncut)

Top 3 Songs That I'm Not Feeling::

Cypress Hill -- "What's Your Number?"

Eamon -- "I Don't Want You Back"

Any song by Lil' Jon

Top 3 TV Shows::

Dave Chappelle Show

The Tavis Smiley Show

The Shield (when it premieres on the FX channel on March 9)

Top 3 Debates::

Outsourcing :: Fuck No!

Passion of the Christ :: This is Mel Gibson's interpretation of the Gospels and it should not be regaled as the definitive story of Jesus Christ.

Who should African-Americans vote for in the November election?

Top 3 Sexy Traits::

1. A Big Booty
2. Sense of style
3. Strength/ Sense of humor/ Intelligence

Top 3 Things I've Been Doing Lately::

1. Working
2. Cleaning and Organizing (my life, my finances, my life, my closet)
3. Writing

Top 3 Things On My Mind Right Now::

1. Money
2. Work
3. Money

Top 3 Things I Want Someone To Buy Me (I Want And Will Buy Myself)::

1. A new laptop computer
2. ipod
3. PDA