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News Headlines (Limerick style): Jadakiss, P. Diddy, Suge Knight, Soul Plane

Jadakiss is asking too many damn questions

One more time, here is today's news in limericks.
Also, please understand that I'm not a good poet so spare me the literary critique on how well I put my limericks together. I did my best -- some of it works and others, well, you'll see. All I want you to do is read some news and maybe have a chuckle or two.

Honey magazine is back!
Essence you better watch your back
A publisher of a black-owned company has bought it
Everything looks legit
The urban female voice is back!

Detroit had a hip-hop summit last Saturday
(According to a writer) The event was boring all day
50 Cent was a no-show, D12 was all show, and Eminem kept it low-pro
Did the young people get the message(s), who knows?
Detroit had a hip-hop summit last Saturday

Death Row Records was ordered to pay a man for an attack
Suge Knight's bodyguards did it, that's a fact
The man now walks with a cane
What Suge's cronies did was lame
Death Row Records gets the bozack

Jadakiss is making noise with the street banger "Why?"
The song is real fly
It's getting a lot of attention for its lyrics
Especially from those who are conspiracy theorists
Read THIS ARTICLE and find out why

I'm listening to a new Jay-Z remix album
It's called The Purple Album.
Producer D-Cyde chopped up Prince's songs (no, he didn't sample Prince's The Black Album)
Then laced them with Jay-Z's vocals from The Black Album.
It's definitely a funkier Black Album.

R&B newcomer Katie Levent is Greek
Boy, she is sweet
Her new album is in stores
Who cares?
Skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet!

John Kerry's daughter was at Cannes
She must be a big movie fan
She wore a dress
That revealed her breasts
Oh my god, look at those "mamms"!

If you want to smell like P. Diddy
Then this will make you giddy
He will release a new scent
That will probably cost more than your rent
But at least you won't smell shitty

Ice-T will produced a rap album by David Hasslehoff
Now Ice must be off
Because if this is not a joke
Then Ice, your ghetto pass is revoked
Fuck David Hasslehoff

Wayne Brady must be having a fit
His talk show was canceled, yep that's it
But he won a Daytime Emmy for best host
Yippee, let's give him a toast
But is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

Christopher Martin, you know him as "Play" (from Kid N Play)
Well, he got something to say
He's heading up his own ministry
To help hip-hoppers find their own self-identity
Now let us pray

If you haven't bought Okayplayer, True Notes Vol. 1
Then you are a bum
The disc is hot
I kid you not
Click HERE to listen, son

Three former pot heads
No, it's not the Grateful Dead
It's Natalie, Dionne and Whitney
And they are coming to your city
On a major summer tour
Will this attract heads?
I'm not so sure

Movie review quote of the week:
"Soul Plane is a bona fide, great comedy. If you want to laugh, go see it. If not, rent Amistad."

Also, more music can be found at Magic Negro.


Addendum: Emperor Jones

Legendary stick man ELVIN JONES

A wake for ELVIN RAY JONES will be held on Tuesday, May 25, from 6-9 p.m. ET at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home at 1076 Madison Avenue in New York. This is a private gathering -- only close friends and family members will be allowed to attend. Among ELVIN’s survivors are his brother, Hank, a jazz pianist, and his wife, Keiko, who often managed his career.

Last Tuesday (May 18), ELVIN JONES -- dubbed "Emperor Jones" by jazz drummer Max Roach -- died at an Englewood, N.J. hospital of heart failure. He was 76. ELVIN was a renowned jazz drummer and a member of John Coltrane's quartet from 1960 to 1965. He also played alongside Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. ELVIN performed on John Coltrane's 1963 album A Love Supreme, which, IMHO, is one of the greatest jazz albums of all time.

Jay Smooth of recently posted a loving tribute to the Emperor. The post includes remembrances from drummer Warren Smith, a founding member of Max Roach's M'Boom, and John Coltrane biographer Bill Cole.

BTW, Warren Smith writes that ELVIN JONES' name must be in full caps when talking about the legendary drummer in a musical context. So as it is written, it shall be done.

ELVIN's passing also was felt across the blogsphere:

Blogger Jeremy Brown called ELVIN "godlike" but down to earth. While writer Fairest reveals that he "learned [how] to have sex by listening to Elvin Jones play drums on record."
[It's a poly-rhythmic thang, you wouldn't understand.]

Also, music lovers/bloggers Al Boogie, Ehavoc, Jeffrey Hyatt, METALFACE and the Proprietor all gave props to the legendary drummer in recent posts, as well.

Finally, check out this very detailed -- meaning long -- tribute to the Emperor by the Freep's music writer Mark Stryker, which includes a discography of ELVIN's most popular works.

You also can listen to some of ELVIN's Blue Note recordings from 1968-1973 right HERE.

Emperor Jones' musical legacy was (and still is) a love supreme.


Monday Memes III: Blogging

Man blogging on the toilet

I copped these questions from Monday Madness. Play along, IF YOU DARE!

1. I started blogging about three years ago.
I was on first until they banned me. Then I moved on to and finally, my permanent home,

2. I try to post a new entry in my blog about every three whenever I can days.
Hey, life/work is kicking me in the ass.

3. I read about 20-30 blogs on a regular basis.
Now keep in mind that some of those 20-30 blogs don't update on a regular basis. So, it's easy for me to go down the "Diarist" list (on your right) and read all of my favorite bloggers.

4. I change my layout about twice a year.
I should probably change it more often.

5. I used to to get a good night's sleep, and now I blog instead.
Yes folks, on some nights, I'm up writing a post about something music related.

6. I spend more time blogging than I do socializing.
I need to hang out more or go to the clubs and meet people. Nah, I rather blog. I know this blogging thing is not helping my interpersonal skills, at all.

7. I tend to blog (and visit blogs) most in the daytime or late at night.

8. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is the writing and creating.
To see my words online and knowing that people are reading and responding to my posts is, for me, an ultimate high.

From Unconscious Mutterings::

  1. Finale:: Ending
  2. Martial arts:: Bruce Lee
  3. Flirt:: Pretty bitches do it all the time. And I hate that!
  4. Energy:: I need some
  5. Flavor:: Beats and Rants
  6. Guess?:: Who?
  7. Accomplishment:: Career
  8. Prom:: Never attended
  9. Diploma:: I have one of those
  10. Bloody:: Mary


Give the Drummer Some

Elvin Jones On The Beat

If you want to know why ELVIN JONES' name is in all caps, then read jay smooth's rememberance at

ELVIN RAY JONES (September 9, 1927-May 18, 2004)

ELVIN RAY JONES, a renowned jazz drummer and member of John Coltrane's quartet (1960-65) who also played alongside Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, died Tuesday. He was 76. ELVIN died of heart failure in an Englewood, N.J., hospital, said his wife of 38 years, Keiko Jones.

ELVIN contributed to some of the most controversial, influential, and landmark recordings in jazz. Among the triumphant recordings in his 40-plus career include saxophonist John Coltrane's spiritual masterpiece A Love Supreme and Coltrane: Live at the Village Vanguard. In regards to his musical involvement with John Coltrane, ELVIN said this: "If there is anything like perfect harmony in a human relationship, that was as close as you can come. It was one of the happiest
period[s] of my life. The best of all possible situations I could have been in to, [doing] the things that I felt were conducive to my development."

Rest in peace.


News Headlines (Limerick Style): Kanye, Jigga, 2Pac, hip-hop cops

Jay-Z is checking to see if he has a Cristal stain on his shirt

I copped this idea from girlwonder. I thought I would give you today's news in limericks -- a change will do you good.

Kanye West is hip-hop
All you haters need to stop
I listen to College Dropout non-stop
Watch Kanye Go Pop
"Two Words" , the ROC . . . beeeoootch!

Pop culture critic Armond White examines Jay-Z's new clip
I think it's the shit
He also rates P. Diddy's performance in Raisin the Sun
It looks like P. is having a lot of fun
But is this going to rejuvenate hip-hop, son?

If you need to get high, then go get some J.Lo
Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but wait yo
The other day, the feds busted a gang selling heroin
They were naming their drugs J. Lo and Sean John

Speaking of P. Diddy, he dismantled Da Band
Let's all rejoice!
You know you wasn't a fan
Dylan says he wasn't given a voice
Da Band was very bland

Tupac Shakur is in the news
His poetry is involved in a feud
Boston's public-school system feels his words could teach a few
But some members of the school district think 2Pac is crude

Kelis has a new video for "Trick Me"
It looks pretty good
She is so sexy
Too bad her CD Tasty went wood

Rapper-turned-preacher Mase is back
He can still rap
He has a new song called "Welcome Back"
Surprisingly, it's not wack

Everybody is bloggin'
It's more fun than toboggan
But guess who's writing
?uestlove of the Roots
Check it out -- it looks exciting

Savior Glover can tap
But he says rap is not tap
Click HERE to read the story
Or shut your trap

Police in Miami are learning about hip-hop
Because the brutality in the city must stop
Watch out folks, here comes the hip-hop cops!

We all love Jill Scott
Boy, can she really sing
She has a new song that's HOT!
Go Jill, do your thing