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News Headlines (Limerick Style): Kanye, Jigga, 2Pac, hip-hop cops

Jay-Z is checking to see if he has a Cristal stain on his shirt

I copped this idea from girlwonder. I thought I would give you today's news in limericks -- a change will do you good.

Kanye West is hip-hop
All you haters need to stop
I listen to College Dropout non-stop
Watch Kanye Go Pop
"Two Words" , the ROC . . . beeeoootch!

Pop culture critic Armond White examines Jay-Z's new clip
I think it's the shit
He also rates P. Diddy's performance in Raisin the Sun
It looks like P. is having a lot of fun
But is this going to rejuvenate hip-hop, son?

If you need to get high, then go get some J.Lo
Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but wait yo
The other day, the feds busted a gang selling heroin
They were naming their drugs J. Lo and Sean John

Speaking of P. Diddy, he dismantled Da Band
Let's all rejoice!
You know you wasn't a fan
Dylan says he wasn't given a voice
Da Band was very bland

Tupac Shakur is in the news
His poetry is involved in a feud
Boston's public-school system feels his words could teach a few
But some members of the school district think 2Pac is crude

Kelis has a new video for "Trick Me"
It looks pretty good
She is so sexy
Too bad her CD Tasty went wood

Rapper-turned-preacher Mase is back
He can still rap
He has a new song called "Welcome Back"
Surprisingly, it's not wack

Everybody is bloggin'
It's more fun than toboggan
But guess who's writing
?uestlove of the Roots
Check it out -- it looks exciting

Savior Glover can tap
But he says rap is not tap
Click HERE to read the story
Or shut your trap

Police in Miami are learning about hip-hop
Because the brutality in the city must stop
Watch out folks, here comes the hip-hop cops!

We all love Jill Scott
Boy, can she really sing
She has a new song that's HOT!
Go Jill, do your thing