Addendum: Emperor Jones
Monday Tuesday Memes Mutterings IV

News Headlines (Limerick style): Jadakiss, P. Diddy, Suge Knight, Soul Plane

Jadakiss is asking too many damn questions

One more time, here is today's news in limericks.
Also, please understand that I'm not a good poet so spare me the literary critique on how well I put my limericks together. I did my best -- some of it works and others, well, you'll see. All I want you to do is read some news and maybe have a chuckle or two.

Honey magazine is back!
Essence you better watch your back
A publisher of a black-owned company has bought it
Everything looks legit
The urban female voice is back!

Detroit had a hip-hop summit last Saturday
(According to a writer) The event was boring all day
50 Cent was a no-show, D12 was all show, and Eminem kept it low-pro
Did the young people get the message(s), who knows?
Detroit had a hip-hop summit last Saturday

Death Row Records was ordered to pay a man for an attack
Suge Knight's bodyguards did it, that's a fact
The man now walks with a cane
What Suge's cronies did was lame
Death Row Records gets the bozack

Jadakiss is making noise with the street banger "Why?"
The song is real fly
It's getting a lot of attention for its lyrics
Especially from those who are conspiracy theorists
Read THIS ARTICLE and find out why

I'm listening to a new Jay-Z remix album
It's called The Purple Album.
Producer D-Cyde chopped up Prince's songs (no, he didn't sample Prince's The Black Album)
Then laced them with Jay-Z's vocals from The Black Album.
It's definitely a funkier Black Album.

R&B newcomer Katie Levent is Greek
Boy, she is sweet
Her new album is in stores
Who cares?
Skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet!

John Kerry's daughter was at Cannes
She must be a big movie fan
She wore a dress
That revealed her breasts
Oh my god, look at those "mamms"!

If you want to smell like P. Diddy
Then this will make you giddy
He will release a new scent
That will probably cost more than your rent
But at least you won't smell shitty

Ice-T will produced a rap album by David Hasslehoff
Now Ice must be off
Because if this is not a joke
Then Ice, your ghetto pass is revoked
Fuck David Hasslehoff

Wayne Brady must be having a fit
His talk show was canceled, yep that's it
But he won a Daytime Emmy for best host
Yippee, let's give him a toast
But is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

Christopher Martin, you know him as "Play" (from Kid N Play)
Well, he got something to say
He's heading up his own ministry
To help hip-hoppers find their own self-identity
Now let us pray

If you haven't bought Okayplayer, True Notes Vol. 1
Then you are a bum
The disc is hot
I kid you not
Click HERE to listen, son

Three former pot heads
No, it's not the Grateful Dead
It's Natalie, Dionne and Whitney
And they are coming to your city
On a major summer tour
Will this attract heads?
I'm not so sure

Movie review quote of the week:
"Soul Plane is a bona fide, great comedy. If you want to laugh, go see it. If not, rent Amistad."

Also, more music can be found at Magic Negro.