Summer Soul-stice
Savoy Gets Its Vibe Back!

Monday Mutterings VII: It's Summertime!

Who wants cheese on their disc?

"Summer, summer, summer, time, summertime/ time to sit back and unwind . . . "
-- DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, "Summertime"

Yes, it's the first day of summer. Too bad I can't sit back and unwind. I'm on the grind at my day gig. I rather chill on a beach in Hawaii.

Monday is "meme" day. The theme is summertime. So, "ch-ch-ch-check it out":

From Sunday Brunch:

1. Do you prefer the beach or a pool?

The pool. It's much more safer and less crowded than the beach. Plus, you can have pool parties and hold "tip drill" contests like my man Nelly. Sing along with me: "It must be your ass 'cause it ain't your face, I need a tip drill, a tip drill . . . " Ha! Ha! I'm only buggin'.

2. What kind of tan are you most likely to get during the summer . . . a beautiful, bronze, laying out in the sun for hours tan; a gradual, few minutes a day tan; a "farmer tan" from working outdoors; or do you just get as red as a lobster and peel the next day?

I'm naturally tan, baby. I'm golden brown. More importantly, all of you "brown-skin envy" white women need to stay out of the sun. Those sun rays will give you skin cancer.

3. Which summertime water activity are you more likely to enjoy the most . . . boating, jet skiing, waterskiing, swimming or floating down a lazy river on a tube?

First up, I can't swim. So it's none of the above. I might jump on a water ride at an amusement park.

(a) What are your favorite summertime activities?

1. Girl watching: Ladies love to dressed damn near bucket-nekkid in the summertime. Hallelujah!
2. Chilling with a significant other: I like to put on my hottest summer duds and hang out with a date at a club that has an outdoor deck.
3. Sitting on my stoop on a sunny afternoon with a Corona beer in my hand.
4. Hang out at an outdoor summer concert .
5. Go to the movies.

4. What is your favorite picnic food?

Barbecue turkey burgers!
And my mom's homemade potato salad is off the heezy fo sheezy!

5. Do you know how to cook on a barbeque grill?

Hell, yizz-yeah! Call me king Bar-B-Q. Fire up the barbie, beeyotch! I like to throw salmon and shrimp on the grill, also. I'm an equal-opportunity barbeque-r.

From Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Abundance:: Fun and Sun
  2. Casino:: Atlantic City
  3. Shell:: Beach
  4. Overpriced:: Gas
  5. Cancellation:: Concerts
  6. Eternal:: Life
  7. Lyrics:: "Hot time, summer in the city . . . "
  8. Faith:: Spirituality
  9. Because:: I'm Rick James, bitch!
  10. Wimp:: George W. Bush