Monday Mutterings VI: And It's Deep, Too
Monday Mutterings VII: It's Summertime!

Summer Soul-stice

Summer Love: A couple holding hands

As you can see, I changed the colors on my blog. Since today is the first official day of summer, I felt it was time to bring the hotness and flip the colors to give Beats and Rants a summertime feel. Ya dig me?

I also updated the "Diarists" page, which is located on your right.
I wanted to big-up those authors in the blogosphere who are holding it down with their witty words and insightful commentaries. There are 63 active online diarists on my list. To all of them, I say, "welcome to Beats and Rants."

Major props goes to:

Mark at Hella HipHop
Joey Pickney at HipHop Commentary
Blog Herald: A great news website on what's happening in the blogosphere
Anitra at Sister Outsider
Bol at Bryon Crawford
Tim at Tuba City
Music journalist Sam Chennault
Gwen at Rawr de Verano
Royal Magazine
Nobody's Smiling
"Cash Money" Bernard at underground post
Columnist/journalist Steve Silver
HipHop Music's Journal
Stage actor Thaddaeus Edwards at Opera and Cookies
Detroit-area Journalist Kelley L. Carter
George at
Stone at Article Online

Please visit their weblogs and add them to your blog rolls, as well.
Spread the love.