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Keeping It

Working in the journo biz, occasionally, I bump into some wonderful people. For example, during my stint as a music editor for a fledging indie-rap 'zine called Beat·Down, I met journalist/editor/music enthusiast/technology queen Lynne d. Johnson.

If you are a faithful reader of Lynne's blog and mines, you would know that we often holler at one another via the "comments" section. She has been supportive of my journalism career since day one and I'm appreciative of her advice and friendship. Much love.

And, of course, since I started this blog, I have met a few of my sex-addicted groupies faithful readers, including the beautiful Saucy Dame.

taneshiaAbout three years ago, I met a fantastic, hard-working individual who is doing her thing in the multimedia arena. Her name is Taneshia N. Laird (pictured left). She is not a blogger; she is an Entrepreneur-PR Queen Extraordinaire who runs her own multimedia empire called The M&M Group. Her company is based in Princeton, N.J. and covers sports publicity and marketing. Taneshia is also doing her thing in the real estate arena, as well. She has handled some very successful "big-money" real-estate development deals in the New York region and some condominium developments in New Jersey. She also launched "Keeping It" -- the R.E. stands for "Real Estate" -- an initiative that centers on developing properties in urban areas. She is currently in talks with some big willies in Camden, N.J. -- my hometown-- about developing some apartments in the city.

Oh, and I forgot. Taneshia is also a published author. She co-penned with her husband, Roland Laird, the cartoon African-American history book, Still I Rise: A Cartoon History of African-Americans.

Sixers Forward Kenny ThomasTaneshia's latest venture has her flexing her PR muscles for Philadelphia 76ers forward Kenny C. Thomas (pictured left). She's handling Kenny's endorsement deals, and making sure that his media and community relations are on-point. "As a season ticket holder . . . [I] had the pleasure of watching Kenny put up All-Star caliber numbers for the team," says Taneshia. "I'm a fan of Kenny the player, but I'm also a fan of Kenny the person, and I'm looking forward to working with him to maximize his off-court opportunities."

Wow! Media relations, real estate and publishing -- is there anything she can't do?

All and all, Taneshia is keeping it real . . . busy.

Good luck on your future endeavors, Taneshia!

Get Smart. Get Real. Get Paid.