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News Headlines: Terror Squad; Nelly Joins The NBA; Vida's Booty

Lean Back, Here Comes The Terror Squad!

Terror Squad's club banger "Lean Back" is a summertime monster jam. I've seen women get damn-near "bucket nekkid" and loose in the club over that song. I have to send some major big-ups to Fat Joe and beatmaker Scott Storch for this joint. Blogger/music critic David from "I'm So Sincurr" blog, thinks the song "is ridiculously hot, and the only real challenge for Nina Sky's summertime song domination (their radio mainstay hit "Move Your Body")."

I agree. But I'm also feeling Mase's "Welcome Back" joint, as well. Mase's comeback song is gimmicky but it's also fun. The sing-a-long "welcome back" chorus is a blast. "I make my money man without the coca. Livin' la vida without the loca. [When] I'm down south, shorties show me country love, and I'm not even country thug."

It's not an impressive rap song but for the summertime . . . it works for me.

"And all the pretty ladies they smile at me . . . "

And don't look now, but former Terror Squad member Cuban Link is planning a serious comeback this summer.

Holy shiznit! First Jay-Z nabbed stakes in the New Jersey Nets and now Nelly is getting into the ownership game. Nelly has joined the NBA as co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats expansion team.

I think this is a good business move for rappers who are looking for a long-term investment outside of the rap game.

But check this out yo! Nelly has a new radio-friendly banger called "My Place" featuring Jahiem on the chorus. (Via Baller Status)

I'm Kanye West, Bitch!
How hot is Kanye West? Kanye is so hot he recently collaborated with Rick James on a song for Chicago rhyme-slinger Bumpy Johnson's upcoming debut CD. "Cocaine is a helluva drug."

Okay, now add "journalist" to Alicia Keys' resume. The R&B songbird is now penning weekly travel articles for the New York Daily News. In the meantime, check out Alicia Keys doing her best Fred "Rerun" Berry impression. What's Happenin'!

Conservative pundit/columnist/blogger Michelle Malkin is not in favor of public schools offering classes on the poetry/writings of the late (and great) rapper Tupac Shakur. [I'm paraphrasing here] Michelle thinks Tupac is an untalented illiterate. She caught mad hell for her comments from a lot of Tupac fans, so please don't barrage her with hate mail.

Hip-hop music writer/editor Adam Bernard thinks that XXL magazine is not a real hip-hop magazine.

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Quick question:
When P. Diddy is hanging out with Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry and talking poli-tricks, who is handling the daily operations at Bad Boy Records?

The Answer:
Meet P.Diddy's CFO -- Derek Ferguson

Hot joints I'm currently bangin':

Mobb Deep -- "Throw Your Hands" (produced by Kanye West)

Brand Nubian -- "Who Wanna Be A Star"

Jill Scott -- "Golden"

The Roots -- The Tipping Point

Notorious B.I.G. -- Ready to Die [Remastered]

And finally, I will leave y'all with a little T & A.
(This is strictly for the fellas who are on the daily grind and need a little pick me up.)


WOW! Again

Attention men! There's a hot online men's magazine that features hot busomy, big-butt women. It's called Ahhhh, you gotta love it.

Goddamn, that Vida made my day! I love her fat booty! (See Below)

Vida Guerra's Beautiful Booty

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