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Biggie Smalls Is Alive

A Biggie Imposter?: Los Angeles rhyme-spitter Guerrilla Black

A BEATS and RANTS exclusive:

Notorious B.I.G (aka Biggie Smalls, Frank White, etc.) is alive.

Yes, Biggie is alive and well, and he's living in Compton, California.

He just released a new song called "Compton" (Featuring Beenie Man), which is getting spins on L.A. radio but not on New York radio (weird, huh?).

B.I.G. is also featured on Young Rome's club banger "Freaky."

Following in the footsteps of his dyslexia-mouthed buddy Mase, Biggie is trying to make a serious run at the rap game again.

Welcome back, B.I.!