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Monday Meme Mutterings

This "Meme" was spotted at Lynne's blog and at KB's online diary:

The \\

Last Cigarette: I don't smoke; tobacco kills niggas

Last Alcoholic Drink: 4 Coronas at an office party. Let's just say, I was gettin' "tipsy" on the job

Last Car Ride: Took a taxicab in South Carolina to look at some historical sites.

Last Kiss: My mom at the family reunion

Last Good Cry: Journo thugs don't cry. (Ha! Ha!)

Last Library Book: N/A

Last book bought: None recently

Last [magazine] Read: Complex magazine with Eve on the cover. Wow! Eve is looking hot to def. Plenty of nice gear to cop!

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Kill Bill, Vol. 2

Last Movie Rented: Barbershop 2: Back In Business

Last Cuss Word Uttered: Read my past entries on this blog

Last Beverage Drank: Arizona Green Tea with ginseng

Last Food Consumed: Cheesy bread from Domino's with fish sticks and corn on the side

Last Crush: My last crush was on this lovely Latina

Last Phone Call: Talk to my mom to say, "what s'up."

Last TV Show Watched: The Shield on FX

Last Time Showered: At 8:30 a.m. Sunday; my black ass is stankin'!

Last Shoes Worn: Timberland boot shoes

Last CD Played: I shuffle on iTunes and haven't listened to a full CD in a while -- though I know that Roots CD The Tipping Point shuffling around in there is the hotness

Last Item Bought: Souvenirs from South Carolina

Last Download: "Funky Kingston" -- Toots & Maytals, Bootsy Collins and The Roots from iTunes store two weeks ago

Last Annoyance: Pretty bitches

Last Disappointment: My relationship with a nice woman

Last Soda Drank: I don't drink soda; soda kills niggas

Last Thing Written: Jotted notes down for my trip to South Carolina

Last Key Used: [enter/return] just now

Last Words Spoken: "Damn, I'm so tired"

Last Sleep: 5:00 PM this afternoon after I posted this meme.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: about a month ago -- Napoleon ice cream (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla)

Last Chair Sat In: Sitting in a wooded chair now typing out this post