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Baker's Dozen . . . My Weekend Wrap-Up

The iPod

My Baker's Dozen: Peep the rules HERE.

01. / I was playing with my b-day gift all weekend -- an iPod. (Thank you, bro!) -- It's official, I'm a Mac/iPod head!
02. / I also got a DVD Player for my birthday. Thank you, boo! -- I am strrrrrr-8! I love the DVDs you gave me, as well.

03. / Last week, the award for Best Blog Journalism (Hip-Hop) goes to bloggers Jenny (of Akei Tuesday) and Tobin (Down For Love) for their in-depth coverage of the Fugees reunion at Dave Chappelle's secret block party on Sept. 18.
-- The combination of Jenny's wrap-up and Tobin's exciting photos (via his digital camera, no less!) trumped major newspapers and other online news services' reportage of the show. Excellent job!

04. / Talib Kweli gets a Beautiful bashing Here, Here and Here. -- Dang, where's the love?
05. / Frantically writing my Jean Grae music review.
06. / Soulaquarian crooner Martin Luther's new CD Rebel Soul Music is indeed a soulful masterpiece. -- Cop it now, EJ!
07. / I have to update Magic Negro.
08. / Street Dreams blog has got some heat-rocks for that azz!
09. / Although our conversations are brief, listening to my Midwest boo's voice gets me excited.
10. / I hate Mondays.
11. / Holy shiznit! The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 after defeating the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Go 'Nabb, go!
12. / Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Kisses and pounds.


Fall Music Madness

Autumn Has Arrived

I copped this from Niada via BD Insanity:

1. / What music makes you think of autumn? (Songs, genres etc...)

Soul music. Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" is a classic autumn song.

2. / What new releases are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

Mos Def -- The New Danger
I've heard a handful of songs from this album and they were straight fiyaaa! I think Mos is going to have a big album.

Jean Grae/9th Wonder -- Jeanius
Two hip-hop geniuses collaborating together on one CD -- Damn all the bootlegging, I want to hear this classic album, right now!

Nas -- Street's Disciple
Nas can't carry a double-CD by himself, but I think this will be an interesting album to listen to when it finally drops in December.

Brian McKnight -- Gemini
I'm a big Brian McKnight fan.

Lalah Hathaway -- Outrun the Sky
I have heard some nice things about this CD. Not to mentioned Lalah Hathaway is fine as frogs hairs.

Eminem -- Encore
The diabolical rhyme-spitter is back!

3. If you're making a road trip over a weekend, what music do you take with you if any?

I'll take my new iPod, baby. Before I head off on the road, I'll load my iPod up with a whole bunch of hip-hop, R&B, jazz selections.

4. Does your musical mood shift in autumn? (Meaning do you listen to different types of music from season to season?)

I think my musical mood shifts during the fall. I tend to listen to more soul and jazz music during the autumn months.

5. If you could see one band in the fall concert season, who would it be and why? (The band has to be currently touring)

Earth, Wind & Fire. And the reason why is because they are my favorite soul group/band of all time. If there's any band out there that can bring the heat to the stage during the fall months, it's E,W & F.

Make a perfect driving mix. Pick 15 songs that you love to hear while driving.

I'll post my 15 songs later when I have some time.


C'mon, Get Happy!

It's My Birthday, Bitch!

Journalist/columnist Kelley L. Carter celebrated hers yesterday.

And today is my day.

Yep, I'm officially older today.

. . . And so is veteran actor Larry Hagman. Poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Yuppie actor Rob Morrow. Horror author Stephen King. Funnyman Bill Murray. Action-film producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Has-been yukster Dave Coulier. Former talk-show porker host Ricki Lake. De La Soul rhyme-spitter Dave "Trugoy the Dove" Jolicoeur. C-List -- as in I don't "C" him anymore -- actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Hunky script-spitter Luke Wilson. Former druggie-turned-reality show skank Nicole Richie.


Friday Mix It Up

Afro-ed Out: Lauryn Hill
(Photo credit: Saucy Dame who jacked it from WireImage)

It's Friday! TGIF, dammit!

Since I don't have a radio blog like my man EJ, whose weekly Friday melodies is an audio pleasure for the ears, I decided to copped this musical survey below from girlwonder who lifted it from J. Dakar. Shuffle your songs in either your iTunes jukebox or iPod like, 10 times, then list the first fifteen randomly selected songs.

01 Lauryn Hill: The Passion.
L-Boogie's comeback track?
02 Zap Mama (Featuring Erykah Badu): Bandy Bandy.
Zap Mama's new CD "Ancestry in Progress" is the bomb-diggety.
03 Mase: Into What You Say.
Yep, I love Mase. Whaat?!!?
04 R. Kelly: When I Think About You.
From the R.'s emotionally drenched "U Saved Me" CD.
05 Mase: Gotta Survive.
Mase is speaking the gospel on this track.
06 Public Enemy: Rebel Without Pause.
Let's take it back to the realness.
07 R. Kelly: How Did You Manage.
The R, again? This shuffle thing is weird.
08 Zap Mama: Wadidyusay? (Featuring Scratch).
Zap's the shit. Trust me.
09 BeBe Winans (Featuring Angie Stone): Miracle of Love.
This is from the soundtrack compilation of "Passion of the Christ." Yes, Jesus was getting his gospel groove-on back in the holy days.
10 John Legend: Used to Love U.
I believe that John Legend is going to be the next R&B superstar.
11 Little Brother: Happiness (From Foreign Exchange CD).
New LB joint from one of the hottest jazz-hop compilations of the year.
12 Boney James (featuring Bilal): Better With Time.
Nice smooth jazz joint from the Bone.
13 The Roots: Star/Pointro. Everyone is star!
14 Eric B. & Rakim: Don't Sweat the Technique.
Don't sweat my bloggin' techniques. ;-)
15 Jadakiss (Featuring Kanye West): Gettin' It In.
Nice 'Kiss joint with Kanye on the assists.


Out of This World

OutKast: Stank You

A-Town is in the hizzz-ouse!

Las Vegas, NV -- Atlanta superstars OutKast and Usher both nabbed three globe trophies apiece at the World Music Awards on Wednesday in Las Vegas. Usher earned the best male artist, best pop male artist and best R&B artist honors. Meawhhile, OutKast won for world's best group, best pop group and best rap/hip-hop artist. Other winners included Kanye West for best new male artist and Alicia Keys for best R&B female artist. To check out pics from the event, click THIS. The full list of winners is right HERE.

And for those of you who might be living in a cave, Usher's latest love ballad will be his next biggest hit.

• Hey everybody! Check out my trophy wife Swedish girl toy.

• Hey everybody! Look at my supermodel bitch supermodel hottie that likes me because I make weepy pop ballads. (I still got love for Seal, tho. For real.)

• I would love to eat her goodies. Slurp.

• No legal "jamz" for Twista's driver; But Lloyd Banks' driver needs to get his head out of his butt when he's behind the wheel.

• More crunk for dat azz -- the Ying Yang Twins reportedly will drop a revamped version of their platinum-certified CD Me and My Brother featuring ten brand new songs. Whuuaat!!

• Check out Alicia Keys' new protégé Shawn Kane.

• Two HOT hip-hop blogs: Many Shrimp and Nappy Diatribe. You just got hit off with the realness -- add them to your blog rolls.

• Has anyone checked out Suede magazine, yet? Is it the Honey Magazine for the urban ladies? Or is it another chickenhead mag full of bullshit editorials?

• I still think G-Unit misfit Young Buck is a wack -- not whack -- rapper. But his "Shorty Wanna Ride" music video makes me want to shake my booty like Malinda Williams.

• WTF?? Ill Will Records/Columbia to release Nas -- The Lost Tapes, Vol. 2 on Oct. 30.

This is probably incorrect since Oct. 30 is on a Saturday. If there is such a compilation, it mostly likely going to drop on Nov. 1.

• WTF?? Nas's highly anticipated CD Street Disciple has been pushed back till Dec. 7.

Are Sony/Columbia executives getting cold feet about releasing Nas' new album? Hip-hop heads around my way are lukewarm to Nas' mixtape gems "Thief's Theme" and "You Know My Style." Nas needs to bring that fiyaa!!
(Via Many Shrimp and