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Baker's Dozen . . . My Weekend Wrap-Up

Fall Music Madness

Autumn Has Arrived

I copped this from Niada via BD Insanity:

1. / What music makes you think of autumn? (Songs, genres etc...)

Soul music. Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" is a classic autumn song.

2. / What new releases are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

Mos Def -- The New Danger
I've heard a handful of songs from this album and they were straight fiyaaa! I think Mos is going to have a big album.

Jean Grae/9th Wonder -- Jeanius
Two hip-hop geniuses collaborating together on one CD -- Damn all the bootlegging, I want to hear this classic album, right now!

Nas -- Street's Disciple
Nas can't carry a double-CD by himself, but I think this will be an interesting album to listen to when it finally drops in December.

Brian McKnight -- Gemini
I'm a big Brian McKnight fan.

Lalah Hathaway -- Outrun the Sky
I have heard some nice things about this CD. Not to mentioned Lalah Hathaway is fine as frogs hairs.

Eminem -- Encore
The diabolical rhyme-spitter is back!

3. If you're making a road trip over a weekend, what music do you take with you if any?

I'll take my new iPod, baby. Before I head off on the road, I'll load my iPod up with a whole bunch of hip-hop, R&B, jazz selections.

4. Does your musical mood shift in autumn? (Meaning do you listen to different types of music from season to season?)

I think my musical mood shifts during the fall. I tend to listen to more soul and jazz music during the autumn months.

5. If you could see one band in the fall concert season, who would it be and why? (The band has to be currently touring)

Earth, Wind & Fire. And the reason why is because they are my favorite soul group/band of all time. If there's any band out there that can bring the heat to the stage during the fall months, it's E,W & F.

Make a perfect driving mix. Pick 15 songs that you love to hear while driving.

I'll post my 15 songs later when I have some time.