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Thursday Theater: Out-Ray-Geous!

Genius Of Soul: Jamie Foxx As Ray Charles

Post inspired by meme blog, Thursday Theater:

Ray, the biopic of the late "Genius of Soul" Ray Charles, opens in theaters nationwide on Friday (Oct. 29) and the buzz is crazy about this biopic. There's already talk that Jamie Foxx's uncanny likeness and performance of Ray Charles will garner him a Best Actor Oscar nomination (and maybe even a win!). So in honor of Ray, here are three questions of the week:

1. Based on what you have read or seen so far, do you think Jamie Foxx's portrayal of the late soulster Ray Charles is worthy of an Oscar nod?

No question. This is Jamie Foxx's breakthrough performance and one that will probably land him in the $20 million per-film actor's club. Jamie looks like Ray so much -- it's uncanny. Based on the clips, I say Jamie is a shoe-in to nab a Best Oscar nod. Now, will Jamie win the most coveted actor's prize in the biz? Hmmm, I don't know. The film academy tends to overlook great performances by African Americans -- sans Denzel Washington and Halle Berry past Oscar wins. Time will only tell.

2. Name an actor or actors who did a phenomenal job portraying a late music artist in a biopic?

I thought that Jennifer Lopez did a great job portraying Selena. The movie's story line was a drag, but J.Lo's performance as the Telano singer was pretty good. Some say Jennifer was channeling Selena with her stage performance.

I also liked Val Kilmer's somewhat skewered portryal of the legendary Doors frontman Jim Morrison in the Oliver Stone-directed The Doors.

Don Cheadle is probably the only actor who can play Sammy Davis, Jr. Don did a fantastic job playing the late entertainer in the HBO flick, The Rat Pack.

3. Has there been an actor who did a horrible job portraying a late musician in a film?

I thought Larenz Tate was a bad choice to play the late '50s teen sensation Frankie Lymon in Why do Fools Fall in Love? Plus, I think Larenz doesn't even look like Frankie, and, his lip syncing in the film was dreadful. It wasn't a bad performance on Larenz's part, it just wasn't convincing to me.

Name a musician(s) who you think deserves to have their story told on the big screen and name the actor(s) who should play the artist in the biopic.

Jill Scott or Lelah Hathaway should play jazz songbird Billie Holiday in a movie.

Undoubtedly, funnyman Dave Chappelle should play the late funk/soul icon Rick James in a biopic.

Is it too late for Eddie Murphy to play Stevie Wonder in a big screen biopic?

And finally, jazz legend John Coltrane's story needs to be told on the big screen.
Dennis Haysbert (of Fox's 24 fame) is a nice candidate to play the legendary sax man. A friend of mine suggested Brandford Marsalis should play John Coltrane. Yes, Brandford has dappled in acting -- his most notable role was in Spike Lee's School Daze back in 1988.

Go see Ray!


Monday Mutterings 14

Bling, Bling! Dolla, Dolla Bill, Y'all!
(photo snatched from

From Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Blackout:: August 14, 2003 / pictures
  2. Platinum:: Bling, Bling!
  3. Leather and lace:: Bondage; S&M
  4. Court:: TV
  5. Mind your own business:: Bitch!
  6. Gambling:: Addiction
  7. Lily:: White communities
  8. Evasive:: Fugitive
  9. Turn-on:: A big round ass in a thong
  10. Suspect:: This man and his alibi


Friday Mix It Up II

Troop Had Attitude, Y'all!!

It's Friday! Time to mix it up.

The rules are: Shuffle your songs in your iPod (or digital audio player you may have) a couple of times, then list the first fifteen randomly selected songs. This is what rocking in my iPod:

01 / Mr. Lif: Home of the Brave
This song is from the (anti-Bush) political CD, "Who's America?," from the Def Jux crew. Hot shit!
02 / Lalah Hathaway: Boston
From her beautiful "Outrun the Sky" CD. What a voice -- like father (the late soulster Danny Hathaway) like daughter.
03 / Troop: Spread My Wings
What do y'all know about Troop? They were the shit back in the days. I used to sing this song when I was a young'n in love with this crazy chick from around the way.
04 / Usher: Seduction
This is a nice, slutty song from Urrr-shurr.
05 / Rufus: You Got the Love
Now this is real old-school. Chaka Khan, let me rock you/ Let me rock you, Chaka Khan/ Let me rock you, that’s all I wanna do . . .
06 / John Legend: Used to Love U
A Legend in the making . . .
07 / Darien Brockington: Come Around (Foreign Exchange: Connected CD)
Darien is R&B newcomer who is down with North Carolina indie-rap heroes Little Brother and the Justus League crew.
08 / R. Kelly: I Surrender
Yeah, I like Kels, man. What?!?
09 / Jean Grae: You Don't Want It
Grae Matters
10 / Ruff Endz: Someone to Love You
This is a nice ballad from these guys. Where are they now?
11 / De La Soul (Feat. MF Doom): Rock Co.kane Flow
Straight head-nodding banger from the Plugs. This shit bangs. I go crazy when I hear this song.
12 / Jean Grae: Give It Up
Yep, more Jean Grae, bitches. This is a dope rap ballad.
13 / Snoop Dog: Drop It Like It's Hot
Now this is the hottest (Best) song of 2004. Dang, the Neptunes done, done, done it again!
14 / De La Soul: Verbal Clap
Another banger from De La.
15 / R. Kelly: The Dairy of Me
This iPod shuffle thing is weird. But yeah, I got Kels in my iPod.


KRS-One - Please STFU!

I'm A Hip-Hop Idiot!

"Niggas didn't become Americans untill 9/11"
-- "Around My Way," Talib Kweli

KRS-One, Decency Zero

The self-proclaimed "Hip-Hop God" KRS-One was speaking at a recent New Yorker Festival panel discussion, when he dropped this jewel on attendees:

"[The atrocity of 9/11] doesn't affect us [the hip-hop community]. 9/11 happened to them, not us. [The] rich . . . those who are oppressing us. RCA or BMG, Universal, the radio stations. So when the planes hit the building, we were like, 'Mmmm -- justice.'"

Uh, just for the record, KRS-One doesn't speak for the entire hip-hop community.

As an African American and a proud member of the hip-hop community, I'm going to tell you what I was thinking when the atrocity of 9/11 was happening because I was in New York when the all of that went down.

When the planes hit the Twin Towers, I was thinking: "HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!"

KRS-One also scoffed at the ongoing campaigns by other rappers to get young people to vote in the upcoming elections.

"Voting in a corrupt society adds more corruption. America has to commit suicide if the world is to be a better place."
KRS had me with the first sentence. I think P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" t-shirt thingy is just a waste of time. Let's think with our minds and not with our clothes. And I see a lot of corny niggas in New York wearing those wack t-shirts. I think they cost around $25-30. **shaking my head** Stop that shit!

As for KRS's second part with the "suicide" thing -- I think KRS-One went nutty with that statement. The Blastmaster is more senile than Bill Cosby. We should just snatch KRS-One and Bill and throw these two crazy negroes in a rubber room.

But KRS-One has a right to say whatever he wants to say. This is what America is all about -- freedom of speech and all that jazz.

Still, I must demand this:

KRS-One -- with all due respect -- please, SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Thursday Theater . . . Shall We Meme?

I Wanna Tap Your Booty

Thursday Theater is a nice weekly meme blog by Misty and Barry. The duo's meme blog inspired me to write this one below. You know me, I had to flip the movie script. I'll probably play along next week . . .

Since Shall We Dance? -- starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere -- opens in theaters on Friday (Oct. 15), the questions below are all about . . . DANCE.

1. What's your favorite dance movie?

I think Beat Street is a great hip-hop film, as well, as a great dance movie. After I saw the flick, it inspired me to start break dancing when I was a young'n (around age 13). And I know the serious hip-hop heads (and intellectuals) will disagree with me on this, but I think Breakin' also is a great hip-hop (dance) film. It's the sequel that sucked! Both of those films inspired me to start break dancing and pop locking. I wasn't the best at it, although I did joined a hometown crew called the Camden Street Breakers. It didn't last long. After I broke my arm doing a spin move on my mom's basement floor, I called it quits.

2. What dance film was so bad, so far-fetched that it was painful to watch.

Breakin', right? (LOL!) I thought Flashdance was crap. Other than seeing Jennifer Beals get bucket nekkid under a sweatshirt and her flashy dance numbers (showcasing her juicy round ass) at the strip club, the movie is unwatchable.

3. If you had to cast the male and female lead in Shall We Dance? -- other than Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere -- who do you think should play the roles?

It's about fine time that Rosie Perez plays a love interest in a movie. She is such a sexy PR queen. So Rosie Perez and Harrison Ford -- and watch the sparks fly! Or better yet, Eva Longoria (of ABC's Desperate Housewives) as the female lead. Her tangy ass could set the screen on fiyaaa! Holla!

What's your favorite dance move when you are up "in da club"?

Journo thugs don't dance.
But when I'm in the club, I like to see a hottie do the butterfly (popping butt cheeks together) or the eagle. Whooo-weeee, go ahead girl and vibrate!