Baker's Dozen . . . My Weekend Wrap-Up
Just Got Paid!

Baker's Dozen . . . My Weekend Wrap-Up II

Keeping Y'all Abreast On Things

The rules are: You have to come up with twelve thoughts and one picture (totaling 13) to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, links to blog entries and websites, etc.

01 / Getting my grub on at Red Lobster.
02 / Watching Eddie Murphy's Raw on DVD. Eddie is just, well, raw. (heh, heh, heh, heh -- Eddie Murphy's laugh)
03 / Downloading music for my iPod.
04 / Missing my Midwest boo.
05 / October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Help Fund Mammograms. (Via Negro Please!)
06 / Paid some bills. Blaaaah!
07 / Ciara's debut CD Goodies sounds, ah, pretty good. Miss C is this generation's Aaliyah.
08 / "Will Y'all Stop Doing Dat!!!" -- yelling at the neighborhood kids who are pushing their brand new bikes into parked cars on the block.
09 / Sleeeeeeeeeep.
10 / Finally washed my drawers (socks, towels etc.,) after my clothes hamper started smelling like corn chips and ass.
11 / Check out Kanye West's new video! Also, The Roots' "Star" clip.
12 / The Philadelphia Eagles are flying high! 4 wins, zero losses. Holy shiznit!
**13 / I hate Mondays.