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Monday Mutterings 14

Friday Mix It Up II

Troop Had Attitude, Y'all!!

It's Friday! Time to mix it up.

The rules are: Shuffle your songs in your iPod (or digital audio player you may have) a couple of times, then list the first fifteen randomly selected songs. This is what rocking in my iPod:

01 / Mr. Lif: Home of the Brave
This song is from the (anti-Bush) political CD, "Who's America?," from the Def Jux crew. Hot shit!
02 / Lalah Hathaway: Boston
From her beautiful "Outrun the Sky" CD. What a voice -- like father (the late soulster Danny Hathaway) like daughter.
03 / Troop: Spread My Wings
What do y'all know about Troop? They were the shit back in the days. I used to sing this song when I was a young'n in love with this crazy chick from around the way.
04 / Usher: Seduction
This is a nice, slutty song from Urrr-shurr.
05 / Rufus: You Got the Love
Now this is real old-school. Chaka Khan, let me rock you/ Let me rock you, Chaka Khan/ Let me rock you, that’s all I wanna do . . .
06 / John Legend: Used to Love U
A Legend in the making . . .
07 / Darien Brockington: Come Around (Foreign Exchange: Connected CD)
Darien is R&B newcomer who is down with North Carolina indie-rap heroes Little Brother and the Justus League crew.
08 / R. Kelly: I Surrender
Yeah, I like Kels, man. What?!?
09 / Jean Grae: You Don't Want It
Grae Matters
10 / Ruff Endz: Someone to Love You
This is a nice ballad from these guys. Where are they now?
11 / De La Soul (Feat. MF Doom): Rock Co.kane Flow
Straight head-nodding banger from the Plugs. This shit bangs. I go crazy when I hear this song.
12 / Jean Grae: Give It Up
Yep, more Jean Grae, bitches. This is a dope rap ballad.
13 / Snoop Dog: Drop It Like It's Hot
Now this is the hottest (Best) song of 2004. Dang, the Neptunes done, done, done it again!
14 / De La Soul: Verbal Clap
Another banger from De La.
15 / R. Kelly: The Dairy of Me
This iPod shuffle thing is weird. But yeah, I got Kels in my iPod.