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Thursday Theater . . . Shall We Meme?

I Wanna Tap Your Booty

Thursday Theater is a nice weekly meme blog by Misty and Barry. The duo's meme blog inspired me to write this one below. You know me, I had to flip the movie script. I'll probably play along next week . . .

Since Shall We Dance? -- starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere -- opens in theaters on Friday (Oct. 15), the questions below are all about . . . DANCE.

1. What's your favorite dance movie?

I think Beat Street is a great hip-hop film, as well, as a great dance movie. After I saw the flick, it inspired me to start break dancing when I was a young'n (around age 13). And I know the serious hip-hop heads (and intellectuals) will disagree with me on this, but I think Breakin' also is a great hip-hop (dance) film. It's the sequel that sucked! Both of those films inspired me to start break dancing and pop locking. I wasn't the best at it, although I did joined a hometown crew called the Camden Street Breakers. It didn't last long. After I broke my arm doing a spin move on my mom's basement floor, I called it quits.

2. What dance film was so bad, so far-fetched that it was painful to watch.

Breakin', right? (LOL!) I thought Flashdance was crap. Other than seeing Jennifer Beals get bucket nekkid under a sweatshirt and her flashy dance numbers (showcasing her juicy round ass) at the strip club, the movie is unwatchable.

3. If you had to cast the male and female lead in Shall We Dance? -- other than Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere -- who do you think should play the roles?

It's about fine time that Rosie Perez plays a love interest in a movie. She is such a sexy PR queen. So Rosie Perez and Harrison Ford -- and watch the sparks fly! Or better yet, Eva Longoria (of ABC's Desperate Housewives) as the female lead. Her tangy ass could set the screen on fiyaaa! Holla!

What's your favorite dance move when you are up "in da club"?

Journo thugs don't dance.
But when I'm in the club, I like to see a hottie do the butterfly (popping butt cheeks together) or the eagle. Whooo-weeee, go ahead girl and vibrate!