3 Is A Magic Number
Monday Mix It Up

Baker's Dozen: Sex, Lies & Vacation Time

Here are The Rules: You have to come up with twelve thoughts and one picture (totaling 13) to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, links to blog entries and websites, etc

01. What women really want: Sex. (work safe)
-- This reminds me of that old Ray Parker Jr. lyric, "A woman needs love . . . just like you do."
02. I was on a much-needed weeklong vacation last week from the J-O-B.
03. Santa Clause must be listening to Snoop Dogg's new CD: He's smacking bitches women with 2x4s.
04. I'm still compiling my year-end "Best of" Album List.
-- It's coming! It's coming!
05. Two family members are getting iPod this Christmas.
06. Blogs I'm reading: Todd Kelly, A Bitter Review and Tofu Hut. Link them up!
07. The greatest bachelor food in the world: Birds Eye Voila! Teriyaki Chicken.
08. I miss 2Pac. But every time I try to miss him he comes out with a new CD.
09. Next weekend's DVD matinee double feature: Collateral and I, Robot. Oh, Yeah!
10. Jigga is Def Jam's new President. Cam'ron already jumped ship. (Damn, homie?!).
11. "Oh, I'll get it next Saturday." -- My procrastinating ass telling my brother that I'll get a Christmas tree next weekend. Yes, I'm waiting till the last minute to get a tree. What??!
12. I hate Mondays. I need to go on vacation.