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Christmas Mix It Up

This is a special "Christmas version" of Mix It Up. Below are songs that are rocking my iPod in my playlist section titled Pure Love Songs For Christmas. Download these tracks via iTunes and have yourself a mellow Christmas.

01. Will Downing -- Love On Christmas Morning
02. Gerald Levert -- It Was What It Was
03. Martin Luther -- Lust
04. Martin Luther -- NYCG
05. Leela James -- Music
06. Urban Mystic -- Where Were You?
07. Jon B. (Feat. Dirt McGirt) -- Everytime
08. Donny Hathaway -- This Christmas
09. Gerald Levert -- Where Do We Go
10. Leela James -- Rain
11. Bea -- I Don't Want Your Motherfucking Man
12. Ashanti -- So Hot
13. Urban Mystic -- Long Ways
14. Donny Hathaway -- Be There
15. Jill Scott -- Family Reunion
16. Gerald Levert -- Click a Glass
17. Ashanti -- Focus
18. Leela James -- Good Time
19. Destiny's Child -- Love
20. The Temptations -- Silent Night

Heads up: I talked to a few mom-and-pop record stores in the Philadelphia area and the owners have told me that they hope to have John Legend's CD Get Lifted in stores on Friday. I -- as well as other music heads in the blogsphere -- have been anticipating this R&B crooner's CD for months. Some have heard his bootleg copy that has been floating around on the Internet. But I want the finished product -- the CD booklet and everything. So that's where I'll be on Friday -- looking around the stores for John Legend's album. Check your local mom-and-pop record stores (not Tower Records or Virgin Records) so see if they will have his CD in stock on Friday. And cop that ish!!

In the meantime, check out Honey Soul's radio blog featuring John Legend in Concert. It's truly an up-Lifting performance.