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Hot Thang

(picture via FHM magazine)

[UPDATE]: You can watch the full-length video of Amerie's "1 Thing" right HERE!

I'm in love.

I saw Amerie's "1 Thing" music video Tuesday night on BET's 106 & Park and it's fiyaaa, baby.

The video is out of control. She is dancing and wiggling throughout the entire clip. I saw her butt cheeks, thighs and everything -- Amazing!

And the song is soo hot. It's go-go music on another level. It's definitely an early "top five" candidate on my year-end Indespensible Singles list.

I also want to be Amerie's baby daddy, too.


Jesus . . . Wins?

If you haven't heard by now, Kanye West nabbed three trophies at Sunday's 47th Annual Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album for The College Dropout. Among the night's highlight was 'Ye's exhilarating performance of his inspirational hit "Jesus Walks." While I prefer his introspective tune "All Falls Down (featuring Syleena Johnson) over "Jesus," Kanye's song and dance number -- IMHO -- was outstanding nonetheless. The boy finally got his wings in the end . . . and the Best Rap Song award.

Are you satisfied yet Kanye? Bitch boy.

[UPDATE]: Apparently, bitch boy is not satisified, yet. According to Canadian music website JAM! Music, a bitter Kanye West was upset that he wasn't nominated in the Producer of the Year category. "I didn't understand that," exclaimed Kanye, who blessed hits for Janet Jackson, Brandy, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z in 2004. "But being that I got the most nominations (ten) it would just seem out of place [for me] to say 'Well, what about producer of the year?' But that really was at the back of my mind."
Kanye does have a legitimate gripe, y'all. Clearly, no other producer's output -- other than DJ Danger Mouse and Madlib -- had a major impact on popular culture in 2004 than Kanye's grimy beats. Yes, 'Ye is right -- the Recording Academy dropped the ball on that one.

Do they have a retroactive Grammy Awards? You know, in which the Recording Academy can save face and make up for their mistake, er, shall I say, mis-nominations. I didn't think so.

Oh, and here's one more tidbit:

When someone asked Kanye about having won three [Grammy Awards] out of a possible 10, he quipped: "I would have preferred 10."

What a bitch boy.

But I'm not going front, Kanye was looking mighty sharp in his all-white suit.

But the REAL winner of the night was Usher. The R&B mack -- who was dubbed the "Godson of Soul" by James Brown -- not only won three awards, including Best Contemporary R&B Album (Confessions), he somehow manage to nabbed another golden prize, Amazonian supermodel Eishia Brightwell. Dang?!?! You see how tall this woman is next to Err-shuurr. Yeeeaauuuh!! Whaaaat?!

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Finally, check out Funk Digital's Grammy Wrap-Up. He has video clips, too.


The Big Small Post of the Indispensable Albums and Singles of 2004

I didn't have time to write a thorough review capsule for each album listed. In short, this post is long overdue and I had to get it out of the way. One more note: John Legend's CD Get Lifted is not listed here because it was release officially near the end of December. I thought it would be feasible to give the disc its proper praises due in 2005.


01. Kanye West -- The College Dropout -- Roc-A-Fella
02. The Foreign Exchange Project -- Connected -- BBE
03. Martin Luther -- Rebel Soul Music -- Rebel Soul Records
04. Ghostface -- The Pretty Toney Album -- Def Jam
05. Jean Grae -- This Week -- Babygrande
06. k-os -- Joyful Rebellion -- Astralwerks
07. Citizen Cope -- The Clarence Greenwood Recordings -- RCA Contemporary
08. LeLah Hathaway -- Outrun the Sky -- Bluemoon Recordings
09. Murs/9th Wonder -- 3:16: 9th Edition -- Def Jux
10. Van Hunt -- Van Hunt -- Capitol


01. The Foreign Exchange Project -- "All That You Are" -- BBE
02. Snoop Dogg (Featuring Pharrell) -- "Drop It Like It's Hot" -- Geffen
03. Martin Luther -- "Daily Bread" -- Rebel Soul Records
04. Nas (Featuring Olu Dara) -- "Bridging the Gap" -- Columbia
05. De La Soul -- "Rock.Cokane.Flo." -- Sanctuary
06. Jadakiss -- "Why?" -- Ruff Ryders
07. Jean Grae -- "P.S." -- Babygrande
08. Kanye West -- "All Falls Down" -- Roc-A-Fella
09. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs -- "Maps" -- Interscope
10. Common (Featuring Kanye West) -- "The Food" -- as performed on the Dave Chappelle Show (2nd season)

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Remembering Da Mayor

(Photo via The Journal News)

Da Mayor (Ossie Davis): Doctor . . .
Mookie (Spike Lee): C'mon, what. What?
Da Mayor: Always do the right thing.
Mookie: That's it?
Da Mayor: That's it.
Mookie: I got it, I'm gone.

-- Do the Right Thing (1989)

Can we please have a moment of silence . . .

For Ossie Davis (1917-2005) (real name: Raiford Chatman Davis), a prominent figure in television, films and on stage, who died Friday in Miami. He was 87. The veteran actor-director's grandson, who discovered Ossie's body in a Miami Beach, Fla. hotel room, said Ossie was suffering from heart disease. His wife, actress Ruby Dee, was in New Zealand making a movie at the time of Ossie's death, according to his agent Michael Livingston.

Ossie appeared in dozens of television shows and over 30 films, most notably in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing (1989), Jungle Fever (1992) and She Hates Me (2004). Not to mentioned he was also an influential filmmaker during the blaxiploitation era having directed Cotten Comes To Harlem and other films. A sadden Spike Lee reflected on the passing of his "spiritual adviser" who was beloved by everyone. "I've just been talking all day with everybody I know who also knew Ossie," he says. "Everybody loved and respected Ossie. There was no way you couldn't love him."

Outside of his profession, Ossie also participated in a lifetime of activism for civil rights, but also was determined to change the often dehumanizing depictions of African Americans in the entertainment industry. "The great thing I got from Ruby and Ossie, is that you could be an activist and an artist, too," Spike told film critic Roger Ebert. "They were strong and brave at a time when many Negro entertainers stood on the sidelines. Ruby and Ossie were by [Malcolm X's] side, they were with [Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.] in Birmingham, Selma and the March on Washington, and never worried about the negative impact it might have on their careers."

In March 2003, Ossie was one of tens of thousands taking part in an anti-war march in Manhattan. "I believe that when the people are in motion, that's America at its best," the long-time activist told The Journal News before the rally began. "And when the people begin to move, I insist on being there. I want to be part of the movement. This movement is for peace. I believe it will grow and grow and grow until even the war makers will hear us."

A tribute in honor of Mr. Davis' legacy is set for Monday at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center in Harlem. The Rev. Al Sharpton, two of the children of Malcolm X and actors Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and Delroy Lindo are expected to appear at the event.

Ossie Davis is survived by his wife, Ruby, and their three children Nora Davis Day, Hasna Muhammad and actor Guy Davis.

**Bonus: Read Ossie Davis's eloquent eulogy to the late Malcolm X HERE.

Rest in peace, Ossie.