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Monday Meme: Numbers Game

From blog master j.brotherlove:

This is a fun meme. Below is a list of song titles that include the numbers "one" through "ten." What is interesting about my list is that the songs listed below are songs that are currently playing in my iPod RIGHT NOW! Pretty cool, huh? Props to the j.

01: "Number One". One of my favorite tracks from John Legend's fantastic CD Get Lifted. **Bonus -- "One Last Cry" by Brian McKnight

02: "Used 2 Be Fly". This is an underground rap joint from rhyme-spitter One.Be.Lo from his solo LP S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. Trust me, it is one of the best rap albums in 2005, so far.

03: "These Three Words". Stevie Wonder is always playing in my iPod. My recent breakup gravitated me toward this song. I think there are too many men and women who use the three angelic words of "I Love You" for their own selfish devilish purposes. Bitches.

04: "Tit 4 Tat". This song is by Fabolous (featuring Pharrell), which has a nice groove to it and is a certified club banger. Basically, Fab is telling all the females if you are not down with gobbling his "seeds" don't even speak to him in the club. It's a fair warning, to all of you F-A-B-O groupies out there.

05: "I've Got 5 On It". Hooo! Everybody throw yo W's up for this joint. The Luniz's ode to weed still gets the party crunk. Whenever this song comes on in my iPod, I feel like C-walkin' or doing the two-step.

06: "Saturn". This is a John Coltrane song that is not in my iPod but in my iTunes music library. Saturn is the SIXTH planet from the sun, so that's why I'm listing it here. Yes, I'm stretching it, but it's all I could find. Lucky for me, this song was added during a time when I wanted to import all of my John Coltrane albums into my iPod. It was a daunting task to say the least since I have over 30 J.C. CDs in my own music library. I was able to add 10 J.C. CDs in iTunes before I decided to stop.

07: "24-7, 365". This is something new by the Lumberjacks -- former Goodie Mob members Khujo and T-Mo Goodie -- from their debut LP Living Life as Lumberjacks. The duo's CD is really weak lyrically and musically -- they should have axed several of their songs off this disc. But this is one of the few joints from the collection that I downloaded into my iPod. I like the repetitive piano riff and the rapid rhyme flow from Khujo and T-Mo.

08: "8th Wonder." This is a great classic party jam from the Sugarhill Gang. I burned this song into my iPod when I was making a mix-tape for a friend. I like to throw in a couple old-school rap tracks when I make my mix tapes.

09: "Cloud 9". Remember soul crooner Donnie? His debut CD The Colored Section is undoubtedly a soulful masterpiece. I cheated here with this pick because this song is not in my iPod. But it's the only song I can remember with 9 in it. "Cloud 9" is a beautiful song, and incredibly, the song is about Donnie's afro-ed hairstyle.

10: "Across 110th Street". Yeah, I'm stretching it here, but I'm very lucky to get to this point with using songs strictly from my iPod. The emphasis is on the "10th" number so cut me some slack. Anyway, this is a classic blaxiplotation song by Bobby Womack from the 1972 movie of the same name, which starred Yaphet Kotto and Antonio Fargas. This song is my New York "City Life" anthem. I often play this song when I'm walking to work in the morning. It makes me feel like I can conquer the city . . . like Diddy. Ya feel me?

Meme hotness from Lis, Honey Soul and Negro Please:


A Book to Read:

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation by Jeff Chang

I just copped the book the other day via I'll post about this book later in the week.

** (Two CDs) to Check Out:

One.Be.Lo -- S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.

Rapper Big Pooh -- Sleepers

These two CDs from Pontiac, Michigan rhyme-slinger One.Be.Lo and Little Brother member Big Pooh are the best rap albums of 2005 that are not by 50 Cent and The Game. If you don't have these discs in your collection -- then you TRULY are sleeping. Wake the fuck up! Hip-hop is not dead!

A Show to Watch:

I don't have a favorite show to recommend. But on March 15, I will be front and center of my television set watching the fourth season of the best cop drama on TV, FX Network's The Shield. Don't miss it!

A Blog to Visit:

Honey Soul: Music Is For Sharing

For the latest in music and radio blog worthiness, look no further than Honey Soul. I'm constantly visiting the weblog to hear the latest and hottest joints hitting record stores.

*** Bonus Reco-MEME-dation:

A Song to Listen to:

For all of my hardcore hip-hop heads: I'm currently banging 50 Cent's killer track "Ski Mask Way" from his latest CD The Massacre. (Hat tip: HipHopDX)

I love the song because it's such a sinister song. Music journalist Sean F. wrote a great descriptive music review on the straight-robbery track. And I totally agree with him. "Ski Mask Way" is mean, serious and threatening. This is my "money" anthem when it comes to getting the cheddar this year. Metaphorically speaking, I'm going to do it the "ski-mask way" -- make money, make money, money, money. I'm so sincurrrr. Fuck love, cut the check bitch. And give me that watch too, nigga!