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Link: "Lyrical Swords" Blog by Adisa Banjoko.

The self-proclaimed "Bishop of Hip-Hop" Adisa Banjoko drops some knowledge on what this whole Source magazine fiasco is really about.

The details in the gender-discrimination lawsuits are probably only a fraction of the chaos that has engulfed the publication in only a few months. And what happened to Adisa is on some really foul shit. (I feel a civil-rights lawsuit is an appropiate counterattack, homie.)

And for those of you who want to become a "hip-hop journalist" -- please understand that it's not all about going to the "bling-bling" parties and meeting rap stars. If you don't have any journalistic integerity or a sense of self, this business will barbecue your soul and your diginity until it's completely charcoal. Trust me.

I'm not trying to scare you from not becoming writers or music journalists -- I'm just bringing you the reality. You have to be built for this shit. I had many a sleepless night both as an editor and as a broke-ass freelance writer worrying about money, deadlines, threats by rappers, money, editorials coming to fruition, money; the shit wasn't pretty.

But don't listen to me. Please go and listen to Adisa Banjoko. His story is one of a million tales of journalists getting fucked in the ass jerked by magazine publishers and/or editors. (present company included.)


Hip-Hop Is Outta Control.

P.S.: Thanks for sharing your story with us Adisa. Much love. Stay Strong.

(Hat Tip: Jay Smooth of Happy belated anniversary, bro! Hip-hop is still the love of my life, too. It's this industry shit that's fucking it up.)