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Weekend Mix It Up!

"Lonely (so lonely), I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely) . . .
-- Akon, "Lonely"

It's Friday! I just got paid, and it's time to mix it up!

Here are rules: Shuffle your songs in your iPod, then list the first fifteen randomly selected songs. Check out what's rocking in my iPod:

01. Maktub: Daily Dosage
02. Van Hunt : Your Love
03. John Mayer : Split Screen Sadness
04. Vivian Green : Gotta Go, Gotta Leave
05. Maktub: 20 Years
06. Blueprint : Big Girls Need Love Too
07. 112 : God Knows
08. Faith Evans : Mesmerized
09. India.Arie : Purify Me
10. 50 Cent : Ski Mask Way
11. Big Pooh (Featuring Murs) : Now
12. Omarion : I Wish
13. Bobby V. : My Angel
14. Bill Withers : Use Me
15. Bruce Springsteen : Devils & Dust

Note: Maktub is a really cool Seattle-based rock band that recently released their third CD titled Say What You Mean. To check out their music and their blog, click THIS.


A Book to Read

Rakim Told Me: Wax Facts Straight from the Original Artists -- The '80s By Brian Coleman

I just copped this book so haven't dived into it, yet. But after quickly skimming through the pages, I can tell that this book is going to be a great page-turner like Jeff Chang's hardback, Can't Stop Won't Stop. You can check out two sample chapters on Schoolly D's Saturday Night -- the Album and Eric B & Rakim's Paid In Full right HERE.

Two CDs You Must Check Out

Blueprint -- 1988

Who said underground hip-hop was dead? Y'all better stop trippin'. Versatile rhyme-slinger/beatmaker Blueprint recently released his solo joint 1988. The Ohio-based rapper (and Soul Position member) pays homage to that year, which saw the prominence of rap with groups like Public Enemy, De La Soul, EPMD and N.W.A. Almost every song on the disc is a nod to artists of that year. On "Trouble On My Mind" -- a wink to Public Enemy -- Blueprint speaks on the urgency of trying to stay on top in the rap game without selling out. On "Tramp" -- a wink to Salt-N-Pepa -- 'Print disses gold-diggin hoochies who are after his paper. On the beat-boxing "Fresh" -- a wink to Doug E. Fresh -- he spits venom at weak rappers who are biting his style. One of the most interesting track is "Boombox," in which 'Print pays tribute to his radio (probably a nod to LL), and -- in some respects -- to Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing. All and all, Blueprint's CD is not only fresh for '88 but also live for the '05 -- you suckas.

Bobby Valentino -- Bobby Valentino

This is not the greatest R&B album in the world, but it's an impressive debut CD from Bobby V. -- a talented young man who was once a member of the very short-lived 90's R&B group Mista. I wouldn't buy the CD; your best bet is to go to iTunes, survey the tracks and pick your favorite(s). I'm quite sure there's at least two songs you'll like.

Two Shows to Watch

Grey's Antamony (ABC, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET)

I used to watch NBC's ER religiously every Thursday night. But once Eric LaSalle left the show, I stopped watching the series. Now I'm tuning in to ABC's new medical drama Grey's Antamony every Sunday and it's pretty good. I'm a big fan of Isiah Washington and actress Sandra Oh is a hottie.

Forget about Making the Band 3, if you have BET, you should check out this reality series called Blowin' Up: Fatty Koo. The half-hour series airs every Thursday at 9:30 p..m. ET. I have to admit, I don't know why Columbia Records signed Fatty Koo because I haven't heard or seen anything from them that impressed me. However, the series is an interesting look at how this record label (and the industry at large) discovers and builds their artists. Fatty Koo -- a quintet from Columbus, Ohio that blends R&B, hip-hop, jazz and pop into a musical pot of well-harmonized songs -- are set to dropped their debut CD House of Fatty Koo on July 12. The group's first single, "Bounce," is okay, but it's nothing spectacular.

A Blog to Visit

Jesus Piece -- From the Polo Fleece to the Jesus Piece

This is a way-cool hip-hop blog from rap head Mike from Virigina Beach, Va. Check out his "Top Ten Greatest [Hip-Hop] Albums Copped With Cash" list, which is a flipside to MTV's atrocious "Top Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Albums" list. Also, peep his post on new music from Slum Village's member Elzhi (on the solo tip) and London's grime spitter Kano. LINK IT UP!

*** Bonus Reco-MEME-dations:

Hot Chick To Oogle At

Ooowww! Check out model Rita G HERE

Videos/Songs To Watch

Check out this female rhyme-spitter out in Minni-Apple (aka Minneapolis) named Protegee. She kind of reminds me of '90s rapstress N-Tyce (remember her on the "Hush Hush Tip") with a Jay-Z rhyme flow. She's not that bad. To check out her songs, click THIS.

Speaking of hush hush, the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait" (aka "Whisper Song") has become the hottest song of the year since Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot." And now there's a response track to the "Wait" song by Spoiled Rotten. (shaken my head)

Peep Snoop Dogg's new video "Ups and Downs/Bang Out" HERE

Peep Usher's video for "Red Light" right HERE

Peep The Game's video for "Dreams" right HERE

Man, that is it for me.

Have a great weekend!