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Livin' In The Lap Of Luxury

I hate Mondays.
Mondays always suck.

But I love Tuesday.
Anyway, there are some new albums that are in stores right now that I think you should cop -- immediately!

Mint Condition
Livin' the Luxury Brown
(Cage Bird Records/ Image Entertainment Group)

Mint Condition's bad-ass CD Livin' the Luxury Brown, is truly one of the most unconventional R&B albums -- in a good Slave/Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame kind of way -- of 2005. And it's also absolutely wonderful -- great musicianship, great songwriting and great singing. There aren't any joints on here that live up to their classic "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" but "Half Hour" is pretty close. M.C.'s first single, "I'm Ready" is also a cool cut. Another interesting track is "It's Hard," which was written and co-produced by OutKast (yes, by the stankilicious duo) and features background vocals by what sounds like T-Boz of TLC (but not confirmed). If you are looking for a great R&B album by a band or group -- look no further than Mint Condition's Livin the Luxury Brown. The CD also includes a bonus DVD of Mint Condition live in concert. This is a hot commodity -- go cop it!

Album II

I love Kem last CD (double no homo). But dude, what's up with the new title? Album II, that's it? Damn. Nevertheless, Kem's sophmore CD (which is in stores now) is great. I don't have time to get into a deep review, I just copped the disc on Monday (shhh) and I'm still letting the music marinate in the ears. So far, I like what I'm hearing. Kem is undoubtedly our finest love crooner -- and dare I say, in comparsion, Kem is the new Luther Vandross.

Hot Single I'm Feeling This Week:

Stephen Marley's "My Baby." (Click to second song)

Yo, this track has got me wiiiiiide open.
No question, I'm a big fan of Stephen's father -- the late reggae God Bob Marley -- and this single follows in Bob's traditional footsteps of melodic, tender ballads with a little reggae-tinged to it. This song is in heavy rotation in my ipod.

Music Blogs To Checkout:

Stop sleeping and check out Honey Soul's blog -- she has more music for your aural pleasure.

Also, peep Ian's blog A Different Kitchen on the daily for the latest and greatest in indie rap and R&B music/news. He just recently spotted a new joint from Yummy (Feat. Jadakiss) called "Come Get It." He also has a new Kanye West joint. Ian is the man. Stop frontin' and link him up.

And finally . . .

Madlib must be wanted by the FBI because this dude has got more "aliases" then Jennifer Gardner. The rave reviews for the eclectic beatmaker's CD under his moniker Quasimoto called The Further Adventures of Lord Quas are off the chain. I haven't seen so much praise for 'Lib since, well, since Madvilliany. I will cop the disc later this week. I never doubted Madlib's talent behind the boards -- he is fuckin' bananas on the knobs. So I'm quite sure the Quasimoto CD is crazy with beats, rhymes and life. From the looks of things, Madlib has got another winner on his hands. But is it The Best Album of the Year? What about Common's CD Be? Did the critics forget about Common?

In any case, go get Quasi.

Music is everything to me . . .