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J Dilla: Healthy and Productive

Thanks to everyone who came through and commented on my post about J Dilla's hospitalization back in January. I want to give y'all an update on J Dilla's health because there are some people out there who still think that the acclaimed studio wizard is still in the hospital sick and dying.

Well, far from it . . . J Dilla (aka Jay Dee) is alive and is doing quite well.

If you peep the latest issue of XXL Magazine (w/ cover boys Damon Dash and Cam'ron) and flipped to the "Production Credit" section (pg. 144), you will see a nice picture of the now-svelte producer J Dilla and an small interview.

To update: Jay was indeed in the hospital for two months but wasn't in a coma.

Here's an excerpt:

XXL: Were you really in a coma?
JD: Nah, man. The rumors were like, Jay Dee is dead and all that, but I was just in the hospital for, like, two months. I was in ICU, with all types of tubes, man. It was crazy.

XXL: What exactly happened?
JD: I went overseas for two weeks and was eatin' all this crazy-ass food. As soon as I got back, I had the flu or something, and I had to check myself into the hospital. Then they (doctors) [found] out I had a ruptured kidney and was malnourished from not eatin' the right kinda food. It was real simple, but it ended with me being in the hospital.

XXL: Damn, that must've cut into production time.
JD: Oh, nah. My boy brought a sound system and some vinyl through, so I was in the hospital making beats.

Are You Down With PPP?

J Dilla is still on the grind, y'all, so let's continue to support his groove movement.

To hear some of J Dilla's latest production work, check out this new album by the Detroit rhyme duo Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) called Triple P (Ubiquity Records). The pair consists of Waajeed -- a former Slum Village alumnus -- and Saadiq -- a multi-instrumentalist and a protege of Motown singer-composer Barrett Strong. You can peep songs from their collection HERE or HERE. There's also a nice little write-up about PPP HERE.

The entire Triple P CD has a nice, soulful boom-bap vibe to it. I like it a lot. But I'm already hearing critics calling PPP the future of hip-hop. Why do critics do this? Fine, whatever. But I like to call PPP's Triple P CD just real good hip-hop music. I recommend the disc. So what do you think?

And of course, get ready for the onslaught of universal praises by critics when Common's Be hits stores in June. J Dilla is supposed to have at least three tracks on the CD, which has been hailed a "classic" by XXL and nabbed 4.5 (Vibrations?) from Vibe magazine. Blog diva Ty of Brown Suga even believes that the disc is undoubtedly the Best Album of 2005. "It's really one of those solid albums that you can bump from start to finish, which is quite rare nowadays," she writes. "So again, go get this joint sometime in June when it hits the streets because its straight heat . . . trust me."

There are a whole bunch of bootlegged Common songs floating around the net. I found a few: Here's Common featuring Consequence and John Legend on "They Say" (you need real audio, dog). And some joints from off the Be collection HERE, HERE and HERE. (real audio on all links) (Hat Tip: HipHopDX and

J Dilla is gettin' illa, my nillas!

Holla Back!

Guess Who

You 'bout to make me slam yo' back clean out
But I love her 'til death do us part
Though she divorced my pop the hard way
Back in nineteen "yassey" for the past sixteen years
I took on the responsibility of daddy
My ol' bird
Puttin' a real buzz in my ear, makin' sure it marinate
And not go out the other ear
Guess who stood beside me when y'all wouldn't force fed when I couldn't lift a spoon to my skull
God is good, God is kind mimmicin' her taught me how to say my grace
My improvised wit bakin' soda when it wasn't no toothpaste
Now what that went with my ol' bird cried
Tears of joy when she heard I wasn't gonna serve time
For possession of the "sawed off" runnin' out of spurs
When I came home blowed and couldn't find the key hole
Guess who unlocked the doors, my ol' bird, pullin my hairs out
I better eat before you bug me to death
Shut up you old ungrateful ass nigga, she trying to help yo' ass . . .
I wasn't ready to eat yet but I enjoyed the dinner she said, "I'm glad"
Slid down my esophagus wit ease, even though she have this skin disease
That won't allow me to gain weight do my own eyes deceive me
Guess who tuck me in before I started drivin this Benz
Again and again, told me not to
And when I did
Guess who beat the dog shit outta me kid
My Mamma didn't play . . . . shiiit, I had to pick the switches . . .

You guess who

My Mamma
Destination unknown, went out on her own
She was barely even grown and became my Mamma
I never knew my dad, so even when the times got bad
I was glad cause I had my Mamma
For so long she had to be strong
I know at certain times she was wrong
But she still my Momma, it still amaze me
The Lord had to help her raise me judging from the way I used to be
My Mamma, the biggest player that I know
I love her so
Hell, everything I got I owe to my Mamma
Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing yo' love
I guess that was yo' way of preparin'
Your son to be the one and not the two
To make you and my daddy's dream come true
But what a surprise a car wreck left you paralyzed
The sheet was pulled over yo' eyes when the doctor advised
The family that you might not ever talk again
But you talkin' so I know that you gonna walk again
But take yo time, guess who's the inspiration for the rhyme

My Mamma

Who was the first to hold you in some arms
The first to change your diaper when your stomach wasn't calm
Cha Mamma
Wit that drama brought you into this world
From a world of down under
I wonder how she know when I was lying, when I was telling the truth
With the proof she would explain how I've been skipping school with the boys Putting welts on my back with the same belt
Around my waist that held my pants up
Takin' back only got you closer to Southern Bell
Got your forehead swell
I swear, she knew when it was real or when it was fake like Clampetts with dreads
And if I couldn't handle a situation then I fled
Behind closed doors I froze, in Garnett holes I rose
Who that hell got my bond standing in front of that two-inch glass
A woman ready to hand the cash over for her son . . .

My Mamma

Sometimes we get it on, I know at times I'm wrong
Lookin' into my eyes just to let me know she tried is enough for me
I'm callin' a truce
It seems we more like brother and sister
Even though she pay the bills wit the mister
Brought me home in '72 and gave me all she had
Cause I was left at birth
She knew it could work
Since she gave me the first chance my song and dance
Pearl, my world, what would I do without her spark
Probably be on the street wit nothin' to eat but I got a happy home
Ever since my first day it's heaven sent now I know
What it's meant when I say
I appreciate what you've done and what you do your only son . . .

Guess who

The only one that cares for real and really understands how I feel
Help me over come my fears and never left me through the years
So I dedicate this song for you, for all that you brought me through
I know there will never be another that will love me like my Mother

Guess who . . .

--- Goodie Mob, "Guess Who" (lyrics taken from their 1995 debut CD Soul Food)

Happy Mamma's Day


What Happened, Bitch?!?

According to E! Online, Comedy Central has shut down production of Dave Chappelle's sketch-comedy series Chappelle's Show amid reports that Dave has gone AWOL!?!?

Here's the story via MediaWeek in its entirety:

Comedy Central Suspends Chappelle's Show Production
May 04, 2005
By Jim Cooper

Comedy Central has suspended production on the third season of Chappelle's Show until further notice. The third season will not premiere on May 31 as originally scheduled.

In a statement, Comedy Central said only that "All parties are optimistic that production will resume in the near future." Comment from Dave Chappelle's rep was limited to a similar statement.

Chappelle's Show has been a huge ratings hit for Comedy Central, especially with young male viewers. In 2004, Chappelle's Show averaged a 2.12 rating among adults 18-49, delivering 2.2 million viewers in the demo in its Wednesday 10:30 p.m. timeslot.

Often edgy and ribald, the show also delivered 3.1 million viewers 2-plus and and helped lift Comedy Central into the top-10 networks in key young demos.

The network re-signed for a third season in August last year in a deal which was reportedly worth a whoppping $50 million.

No Chappelle Show? Awwww, Daamn!

What happened Dave?

Did you run out of ideas?

Did you take the money and run?!?

Does this mean the end of the Chappelle Show?


Finally . . . It Was A Dream

I had the craziest dream last night.

I dreamt that CeCe Peniston was making a huge comeback to the music scene with a banging new single. The famed dance-music songbird was singing a hot reworking of Soul 2 Soul's classic '90s anthem "Back to Life." The song was so hot on the radio that talk-show king David Letterman asked CeCe to debut her single on his late-night talkie. This would mark her first appearance on network television since her last recording, 1996's I'm Movin' On. Although she was very nervous, CeCe rocked the house! She show'd & prove -- as they say in the hoodie 'hood. And yes, Dave got crunk with his yuppie ass.

And what was I doing in the dream?

I don't know? I must have been CeCe's manager because I was just standing there clapping my hands and cheering her on. As she was performing her cover song, I had to take a look at CeCe's big round booty and I said to myself, "damn, that ass is fine."

Then later in the dream, I'm on the set of the video for her hit song "Back to Life." CeCe looked vibrant in her yellow sun dress dancing and singing "Back to life/ Back to reality." Director Benny Boom was helming the clip. (What up, homie!) CeCe was gyrating her booty, her voice was powerful as ever, and for a minute it seemed like it was the 1990's all over again:

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

[dream fade out]

I have a little secret: I had a HUGE crush on CeCe Peniston back in the days. I always wanted to be her baby daddy. When I saw her perform on Arsenio Hall's dance show Party Machine, I was hooked! I bought all of her records.

Can anyone tell me what does this dream mean?


The iPod Killer?

The No. 1 cell phone manufacturer Nokia is ready to put Apple's successful iPod music device out of business with their first 4GB hard-drive cell phone. The Nokia N91 is a cell phone/music player that can store more than 3,000 MP3s or hundreds of digital photographs or video clips.

The damage: $500.

Jonas Geust, Vice President, Music at Nokia feels that the price is competitive because consumers are looking for an all-in-one digital-music phone like the N91. "The Nokia N91 delivers both a fantastic music experience and cutting-edge phone features," he says. "What sets the Nokia N91 apart is the fact that it is always connected -- you can download new music while on the move, add it to your favorite playlist and then share your playlist with friends. It's truly the world's best mobile connected jukebox."

Some of the bell and whistles in this phone include 12.5 hours of music playback. It supports digital music formats including MP3, M4A, WMA and Apple's own AAC format. Users can share their music playlists with friends via bluetooth and/or e-mail capabilities; there's a web browser for surfing on the 'Net and has a 2 megapixel camera. The Nokia N91 is expected to hit retail by the end of 2005 (probably around the Christmas season).

Softpedia says the N91 won't kill the iPod:

Nokia N91 supporters will probably say the price is fair for a phone with so many features. That's true, but experience has taught us that when you try to cram so many functions into a single equipment, some of them might not work correctly. So until we see how well the Nokia N91 works, it's difficult to tell if it's better than iPod. On the other hand, Nokia has declared that it won't offer an online music store and although Nokia N91 is able to play AAC files, it's not compatible with iTunes's protection system and who's the leader of the music download market? -- iTunes.

But fear not iPodders, an iPod cell-phone -- tentatively called the iPhone -- is on the horizon. (If Apple stops being so money hungry and agree to share some of the profits with cellular carriers.)

Honestly, the only device that could easily destroy the iPod is Sony's PSP handheld game. It plays video games, movies, digital music and has some PDA functions like address book, notes and others.

I was talking to several of my friends who have this device. They all unanimously said that if there was a phone component added on to the handheld that would all turn in their cell phones and use the PSP as their all-purpose multimedia device. After trying out my homeboy's PSP for a day, I have to say that Sony is on to something with the PSP. They need to stepped their game up immediately and get a some type of phone compatibility added to the device. I think the PSP is the David that can take down the Golliath (iPod) of digital music players.

And finally, it looks like Dame Dash's music digital player Rocbox is a reasonable bust.
(Hat Tip: Hip Hop Blogs)