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The iPod Killer?

The No. 1 cell phone manufacturer Nokia is ready to put Apple's successful iPod music device out of business with their first 4GB hard-drive cell phone. The Nokia N91 is a cell phone/music player that can store more than 3,000 MP3s or hundreds of digital photographs or video clips.

The damage: $500.

Jonas Geust, Vice President, Music at Nokia feels that the price is competitive because consumers are looking for an all-in-one digital-music phone like the N91. "The Nokia N91 delivers both a fantastic music experience and cutting-edge phone features," he says. "What sets the Nokia N91 apart is the fact that it is always connected -- you can download new music while on the move, add it to your favorite playlist and then share your playlist with friends. It's truly the world's best mobile connected jukebox."

Some of the bell and whistles in this phone include 12.5 hours of music playback. It supports digital music formats including MP3, M4A, WMA and Apple's own AAC format. Users can share their music playlists with friends via bluetooth and/or e-mail capabilities; there's a web browser for surfing on the 'Net and has a 2 megapixel camera. The Nokia N91 is expected to hit retail by the end of 2005 (probably around the Christmas season).

Softpedia says the N91 won't kill the iPod:

Nokia N91 supporters will probably say the price is fair for a phone with so many features. That's true, but experience has taught us that when you try to cram so many functions into a single equipment, some of them might not work correctly. So until we see how well the Nokia N91 works, it's difficult to tell if it's better than iPod. On the other hand, Nokia has declared that it won't offer an online music store and although Nokia N91 is able to play AAC files, it's not compatible with iTunes's protection system and who's the leader of the music download market? -- iTunes.

But fear not iPodders, an iPod cell-phone -- tentatively called the iPhone -- is on the horizon. (If Apple stops being so money hungry and agree to share some of the profits with cellular carriers.)

Honestly, the only device that could easily destroy the iPod is Sony's PSP handheld game. It plays video games, movies, digital music and has some PDA functions like address book, notes and others.

I was talking to several of my friends who have this device. They all unanimously said that if there was a phone component added on to the handheld that would all turn in their cell phones and use the PSP as their all-purpose multimedia device. After trying out my homeboy's PSP for a day, I have to say that Sony is on to something with the PSP. They need to stepped their game up immediately and get a some type of phone compatibility added to the device. I think the PSP is the David that can take down the Golliath (iPod) of digital music players.

And finally, it looks like Dame Dash's music digital player Rocbox is a reasonable bust.
(Hat Tip: Hip Hop Blogs)