Trapped In A Sitcom Dream
Monday Madness: Music/Meme Madness!

Baker's Dozen: Summa Time!

THE RULES: Come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, blog entries, whatever.

01. Summa, Summa Time! The 90 degree days are herre and it's gettin' hot! The ladies are dressing less and showing off their breastes(sic) and booties. Woo-wee!
02. I went to Atlantic City on Sunday. I didn't do any gambling, just girl watching and hanging out on the boardwalk with my brother. Man, the ladies were looking good!
03. "OOOWWW!"
-- my reaction after spotting a young lady with a huge tribal tattoo located near her butt crack of her very short jeans dress. She was also wearing a thong, too. Plus, her toes looked really pretty in her pink flip-flops. OOOWWW!
04. Although this writer thinks it's a date-rape song, "Wait" (aka The Whisper Song) by the Ying Yang Twins has become unofficially the summer song of 2005. I have heard this song being played several times at a few b-b-q parties I attended over the weekend. And I'm seeing women pop their booties uncontrollably in the club when this song came on. I'm hearing this damn song everywhere I go!
05. Does anybody care about the NBA Finals? I asked my homeboys are they keeping up with the finals and they didn't seemed like they were interested.
06. I have been assigned to cover the Live 8 benefit concert in Philly on July 2 for my job. A million people converging on the Ben Franklin Parkway -- gasp!
07. However, some critics, think that the Live 8 mega-concert is a waste of time: Why 8?
08. Hot gear I recently copped for the summertime: graphic t-shirts, baggy camo shorts and throwback canvas sneakers. Step yo game up, playas!
09. I gotta cut my lawn. Aw fuck it, I'll do it next weekend.
10. I think Mint Condition's Livin' the Luxury Brown and Common's Be are great summertime albums. Play them both at your b-b-q parties.
11. I'm contemplating on buying an iPod/CD DJ package so I can starting mixing in my bedroom. I need a hobby -- it might as well be this.
12. I hate Mondays.

From Unconscious Mutterings:

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