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Dear Summer

Dear Summer,
I know you gonna miss me
For we've been together like Nike airs and crisp tees
T Fitz is with polo fleeces, LRG shorts and the canvas sneakas
Give me a couple of weeks, shit, I might just sneak in
A couple of words, and like Peaches & Herb
We'll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world sayin: how does he blog so good?
Well I do this in my slumber summer . . . .

-- "Dear Summer," Jay-Z [with lyrics flipped by yours truly]

Much like Lynne, I'm going to take a break from blogging and get a handle on things. I got so much trouble on my mind but I refuse to lose.

But this is not a good-bye. Once I get my mojo back, I'll start blogging once again.

Things are cool with me. But I'm looking to further advance in my journalism career. My cushy job that I have now is leaving me very unfulfilled. I did everything that I could possible do at the gig and now I'm pondering which path should I take next in my career.

Plus, I want to enjoy some of this sun. It has been sunny and hot for the past two weeks here on the east coast. The ladies are damn-near bucket nekkid out here, too. The shorties are letting it all hang out in their wife beaters and booty shorts. I'm an old man so all of this stuff is too much for me. I'm seeing way too much camel toe, butt cracks and butt cheeks.

But I'm not mad at cha -- do your thing ladies. And to the fellas, behave yourselves.
And fellas, if you must wear sandles . . . please cover up your crusty, un-pedicured stank feet with socks.

Take it easy. Enjoy the summer.

I'll holla back.

Be Girl Power!

(artist/artwork credit forthcoming/ Photo by Saucy Dame Deluxe)

Minneapolis B-Girl cutie Saucy Dame Deluxe attended last weekend's B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women In Hip-Hop (June 2-5) in the twin cities and snapped some hot flicks from the event. The summit featured panels, workshops and live performances including MC-ing and DJ-ing. But the main attraction is the graffiti artwork all created by B-Girls from around the world. And undoubtedly, a B-Girl Be Summit needs to get established in New York and Los Angeles, as soon as possible. But for right now, Minni-Apple is the place to be for H-I-P and H-O-P. Props to the ladies for organizing such a beautiful and much needed event.

To check out Saucy Dame Deluxe's pics, please click THIS.

Also, check out Verbalism magazine's Raquel Wilson's blog, Freshness. She has some graffiti pictures posted, as well.

(artwork by Evolve/ Photo by Saucy Dame Deluxe)

Without a struggle, there can be no progress . . .


Monday Madness: Music/Meme Madness!

I haven't done a music meme in a while . . .

So I copped this music meme from KB. Music bloggers Honey Soul, EJ, Brown Suga and Lynne did it, too.

01. Total size of music files on my computer:
1.44 GB in the iTunes jukebox with 450 songs. I actually have over 1,000 songs -- 450 in iTunes and (600 or more on the iBook). Every month or so, I clean out my iTunes jukebox and keep my most-played songs.

02. Last CD(s) I Bought:

Common -- Be
A great album. Common has got his swagger back! Go cop it!

03. Song playing in iTunes:

"Fatbacks" -- Quasimoto
"I like my asses fat not flat . . . "

04. Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

A) "Half an Hour" -- Mint Condition
A great ballad on the consequences of infidelity. Mint Condition's CD "Livin' the Luxury Brown" is in heavy rotation in my iPod.

B) "Chi City" -- Common
Just a dope hometown anthem from the native rhyme-slinger. Common's CD "Be" is excellent.

C) "Find A Way" -- Kem
Some nice smooth shit from R&B crooner Kem.

D) "Twice Around (Featuring Jean Grae)" -- Herbaliser
Man, I'm fiending for some hot shit from Jean Grae. This is as close I'm going to get. It's off Herbaliser's just-released CD "Take London." Go to iTunes and download the joint.

E) "Hey Baby" -- Stephen Marley
I don't know why I love this song so much. I go into a trance whenever this reggae-tinged ballad comes on in my iPod. This song is niiice.

This meme is from Monday Madness:

Using the letters in the following word, describe that word. (Try to be as creative as possible!) The word is . . .

W -- et
E -- ating food!
A -- sses (Link)
T -- itties (Link)
H -- ot
E -- arthy
R -- ainy Days

Oh . . . and I got Reco-MEME-dations, too:

A Book to Read

Fader Magazine
Yeah I know that Fader is a magazine but it's thick like a damn book. But aside from that, it's the best urban magazine on the newsstands, right now. Their current issue -- their annual picture-book magazine -- with the late jazz legend Miles Davis on the cover is off the hinges. The whole mag is dedicated to the genius of cool. Props.

Two CDs You Must Check Out

Common -- Be

Quasimoto -- The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

Two of the finest rap albums of 2005. I can't stop listening to Common's CD. Quasi's disc is an acquired taste, but if you open your mind up a little bit, you are going to hear some cool shit.

Three Blogs You Must Visit and Link Up!

Below are three black intellectual writers/thinkers I love to read on a daily basis:

When it comes to hip-hop journalism, black cultural writing, music writing or just straight prolific contributions to the mass media, Mark Anthony Neal is not to be fuck with. I have his four books, including his new one New Black Man: Rethinking Black Masculinity -- and, simply put, M.A.N. is da motherfuckin' man. When I grow up, I want to be just like him. Check out Mark's blog and link him up.

New Black Man

Writer/educator Jimi Izrael is also the man when it comes to this journo shit. When he's not flirting with video vixens, bitch-slapping male gossip columnists for their lack of journo ettiqutte or chillin' in the spot, he's giving us the 4-1-1 on his exciting life as a hip-hop journalist. Man up, bitches and add Jimi to your blogrolls.

Jimi Izrael

American Black also should be on your blogrolls, too. Every day you can count on commentary, noise and an occasional "Oh shit, I can't believe this is true" news stories from AB. I'm hooked on this weblog. Link it up, now.

American Black

*** Bonus Reco-MEME-dations:

Hot Chick To Oogle At

Holy Sith! George Lucas should have called his third prequel Star Wars: Epsiode 3 -- Revenge of the Nips. Too bad she was cut from the film, her nipples are light sabers. Check them out, HERE:

***Bonus Booty:

Awww, suki, suki! Her name is Taseña and she's a newcomer to the modeling game. Man, I wouldn't mind sucking on her butt cheeks. Holla at cha boy, Taseña! Click THIS to see more.

Hot Videos/Tracks

"Generals" (Featuring Jean Grae, Trap Clappa, Cheech Marina, Daddy Mills, AK and MacGuyver) -- Herbaliser
The joint is banging, but the VIDEO is straight-up wick-wick-wack! The video should have shown all six of these hot rhyme-spitters live in person. It would be nice to match the face with the lyrics, rather than some wack animation of the rappers.

"Please" (Video) -- Toni Braxton
Please Toni don't hurt us! Toni is looking awesome -- slim, trim and showing plenty of sass and ass -- in her new video for "Please." Click THIS to watch the clip. **WARNING: HOT!**

"Brand New" -- Kanye West (Featuring RhymeFest)
Hot shit from Kanye West. Y'all better recognize. K-West is a hip-hop genius!

"Where Have You Been" -- Freeway
This is A HARDCORE HEAT ROCK! This is a smash record, son.

And finally, I'm going to leave you with a concert performance from R&B sensation John Legend. He recently performed on a show called Stripped and it was hot. John sang a cover tune of Stevie Wonder's "Visions." He also performed uptempo versions of "Refuge (When It's Cold Outside)" and his second single, "Number One." To watch JL's sizzling performance, Click THIS!


Baker's Dozen: Summa Time!

THE RULES: Come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, blog entries, whatever.

01. Summa, Summa Time! The 90 degree days are herre and it's gettin' hot! The ladies are dressing less and showing off their breastes(sic) and booties. Woo-wee!
02. I went to Atlantic City on Sunday. I didn't do any gambling, just girl watching and hanging out on the boardwalk with my brother. Man, the ladies were looking good!
03. "OOOWWW!"
-- my reaction after spotting a young lady with a huge tribal tattoo located near her butt crack of her very short jeans dress. She was also wearing a thong, too. Plus, her toes looked really pretty in her pink flip-flops. OOOWWW!
04. Although this writer thinks it's a date-rape song, "Wait" (aka The Whisper Song) by the Ying Yang Twins has become unofficially the summer song of 2005. I have heard this song being played several times at a few b-b-q parties I attended over the weekend. And I'm seeing women pop their booties uncontrollably in the club when this song came on. I'm hearing this damn song everywhere I go!
05. Does anybody care about the NBA Finals? I asked my homeboys are they keeping up with the finals and they didn't seemed like they were interested.
06. I have been assigned to cover the Live 8 benefit concert in Philly on July 2 for my job. A million people converging on the Ben Franklin Parkway -- gasp!
07. However, some critics, think that the Live 8 mega-concert is a waste of time: Why 8?
08. Hot gear I recently copped for the summertime: graphic t-shirts, baggy camo shorts and throwback canvas sneakers. Step yo game up, playas!
09. I gotta cut my lawn. Aw fuck it, I'll do it next weekend.
10. I think Mint Condition's Livin' the Luxury Brown and Common's Be are great summertime albums. Play them both at your b-b-q parties.
11. I'm contemplating on buying an iPod/CD DJ package so I can starting mixing in my bedroom. I need a hobby -- it might as well be this.
12. I hate Mondays.

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