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Don't Knock The Hustle

Booty Call

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This is so true.

Excerpted from the archives of journalist Jimi Izrael:

Niggas drop their wives and trade up for a mo' betta booty, never realizing that some of the ghetto onions of today are the flat double-wides of tomorrow. It's important to find a sister with an ass that will age well -- but how can you tell? Here's a hint: if you wanna know how your woman's ass is gonna age, you gotta meet the future in-laws. When her moms gets up to refresh the beverages, sneak a peek at her pooter. Mom's butt is no crystal ball, but it's a helluva good indicator. Just be sure not to stare -- your girl will catch you out there, besides the fact Dad keeps a strap right under his dinner napkin. Damn. More Kool Aid? Hell yeah, Ma.