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No Lovin'?

"I love hip-hop, I just hate the niggas that's in it . . . "
-- Phonte of Little Brother

What is this?

Hip-hop magazines are not showing any love for Little Brother's CD The Minstrel Show? Is there some kind of conspirarcy going on that I don't know about?

After reading this article on, it looks like to me that hip-hop magazines XXL and The Source are too scare to give Little Brother's upcoming disc a "Classic" rating.

What gives?

Phonte says:

"I was told, by some of the [XXL] writers when we had the listening session in New York, that our album was better than Common's [Be] album. So I'm thinking that if Common's album got a XXL [rating], and cats is sayin that The Minstrel Show is better than that, then ours would be up there too. "
He then continued: "Basically we was told by XXL that 'Yo the album is dope but we don't want to give two classic ratings in a row.' So either they are feeling like they already gave it to Com so they can't give it to us, or they are about to roll out the red carpet for [Kanye West]."
Damn that Kanye! (LOL!) He's fucking it up for everybody!

But then Phonte goes on to explain about The Source fiasco. For those out of the loop, the former Editor-In-Chief Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe resigned from his gig at the mag when Source CEOs Wack-zino and Dave Mays changed LB's mic rating from 4 and 1/2 mics to 4 mics. This, after Fahiym told Little Brother they were going to get a 4.5 mic rating in the magazine.

Phonte explains the scenerio:

"The Source, man . . . basically Fahiym felt that the album was dope and deserved a 4 and 1/2 and the writer who wrote the review and alot of the staff felt the same way. But Benzino and Dave Mays just didn't agree. From what Fahiym told me, it was mainly Benzino that acted crazy about it. So basically, it was told to Fahiym that this is what we do, we sign your checks and if you don't like it then get out. Fahiym was like, 'Aiight, well then I'm out!'"
What is going on?

Yo, we need to champion rappers out here who are trying to bring a new musical direction to the rap game.

So why is everybody so scared of The Minstrel Show?

Hold on, brothers . . . hold on.

Speaking of which, check out Little Brother's banging joint "Hold On."

Like I said before, "Hold On" is a better song than their current single, "Lovin' It." In fact, it ridd-ocks -- it's a straight banger. I want Little Brother to blow up big time in the rap game because they deserve it. They are the next OutKast as far as I'm concerned. I see nothing but classic albums from this North Carolina trio. But studio wizard 9th Wonder must step his production game up! And Little Brother must team up with Young Guru and DJ Hi-Tek -- who is now a big-shot beat lacer -- on production. These two guys can give them the beats they need to go platinum.

I see the future for Little Brother . . .

Damn, I wish I was an A&R executive at Atlantic Records.

Little Brother's The Minstrel Show is due out on Sept. 13.