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Trapped In Confusion

Did you catch Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards telecast?

First of all, the show was an absolute bore. However, I did enjoy Kanye West and Jamie Foxx's performance of "Gold Digger." The two were looking very dapper in their black-and-white tuxedos.

But one of the strangest performances of the night was from R. Kelly. The R&B loverman sung "Chapter 6" from his ongoing musical soap opera, "Trapped In a Closet." There is word that Jive Records will release the final Chapters 6-10 (and Chapters 1 through 5) on a CD/DVD package in October -- kinda like what Usher did with Rhythm City Vol 1: Caught Up.

As I was watching R. 's solo performance, I was simply bewildered by the spectacle.

Why is R. Kelly lip syncing?
Why not show the "Chapter 6" video on the screen behind Kels sans the bedroom props and quick camera shots? Let's have some visuals with his bizarre performance.

I liked R.'s suit, though.

Blogcritic Pete Blackwell also watched Kels' performance and called it "an absolute car crash of a one-man show."

Pete writes:

"Chapter 6 provided a little taste for his fans to whet their appetite for the final four episodes while leaving several questions for people to ponder. What will become of our hero and his unfaithful wife? Will he confront the cop who is her lover? Will it be physically possible to listen to all ten chapters in a row without bleeding from the ears? Only time will tell."
Of course, now that R. Kelly has performed "Chapter 6," I desperately want to hear Chapters 7 through 10.

Damn that Kels!

I also have some sad news to report: It looks like the beef between 50 Cent and Fat Joe beef is still cooking. These two corny niggas rhyme-spitters need to grow the fuck up.

Oh, and I'm not a big fan of pop songbird Gwen Stefani. But damn, Gwen's ass was literally poppin' in this leopard dress.

Gwen-y is definitely a holla-BACK girl! Who knew?

I'm outta here . . .