Mikko Monday
The Dame Is Back!


I will be flying into outer space this week like Mork from Ork on Mork and Mindy, ya feel me? Nanu-nanu, motherfuckers!

I'm about to be the proud owner of an Ipod nano this week -- and I had it engraved and everything. I'm now searching on the 'Net for some cool accessories for the nano and I'm also reading some reviews. One article that caught my eye is by the guys over at the technology blog ars technica. Not only did they review the iPod nano for its design and usage, they also gave the iPod nano the stress test. What did the stress test entail?

Well, parts of the stress test included the boys running over the Ipod nano with a car -- twice! And guess what? The iPod nano kept on playing. Now how amazing is that? This is one tough little iPod. Then they threw the iPod nano 40 feet up in the air and let it crash on the concrete. It died, eventually, but not before it shuffled a few songs. Afterward, the boys did an autopsy on the iPod nano -- CSI: Miami style. They cracked that baby open and pulled its insides out. And let me tell ya -- the iPod nano may look nice on the outside but inside, it's a mess.

Peep the review HERE. These techno heads are nuts.

Anyway, I can't wait. I'm so damn excited right now.

Nano-nano, motherfuckers!