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The English Patient

Back by popular demand . . .

I decided to look around in my own backyard of New Jersey for hotties and -- BAM! -- I found this cutie. She's from Woodbury (N.J.) and her ultimate goal is to become the next top African-American supermodel. You can see her photos right HERE, HERE and HERE. Take your pick.

Does she have what it takes to become America's Next Top Model?

You better watch out Tyra.


Time To Rebuild

"In this world of calamity
Dirty looks and jealousy
We need some charity
We need love and prosperity
Instead of broken dreams and tragedy . . . "

Damien Marley -- "Road to Zion," From his new CD, Welcome to Jamrock

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it's time for us to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

In the interest of fashion, props to T-shirt company Threadless for raising money for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts by selling their charity tee Regrowth: Katrina for $10. The company donated $20 to each t-shirt sold and raised $72,420. Unfortunately, they are out of t-shirts now. But if you still want one, just signed up and cross your fingers. I would think Threadless will reprint more tees for charity: How long? When? Where? I don't know.
(A Hat Tip: preshrunk)

Meanwhile, music queen Honey Soul has provided a Soundtrack to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster that will leave you in tears. (Well, it left me in tears) To listen to her radio blog, click HERE. And if you want to hear some protest music against President Bush and the Feds, peep Mos Def's political song "Katrina Clap." Also, check out rapper K-Otix's protest single, "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People," which flips Kanye West's "Gold Digger" track. Admittingly, I chuckled on a couple of lines from K-Otix's song, but it's dope track. Check it out. (A Hat Tip: Street Knowledge)

I also like to add Kanye West's "Crack Music" to the list, as well, which features an anemic full verse from the Game. You know, once this whole Katrina mess is cleaned up, I'm quite sure we are going to hear some real gangsta shit being spitted about this devastation. I know there are going to be a lot of political songs about how unconcern the Bush Adminstration was toward poor Black people.

Dare I say, we will hear more real hip-hop shit coming out of this disaster? More inspirational rap songs?

No more bling-bling, materialistic rhymes.
No more misogynistic songs.

Just hardcore political anthems and songs about rebuilding the African-American community.

Wow. It took a disaster like this to actually change the musical landscape in hip-hop.

I'm not complaining. Let's hear more protest songs hip-hoppers!

And remember: Give! Give! Give!


Monday Meme: 24/7

I swiped this meme from blogger Phoebe Fabulous:

1) SEVEN things to do before I die (not in order):

* Get very Rich!
* Become a husband and father
* Become the top editor of a music magazine
* Travel around the world
* Write out a will
* Become a self-made businessman; own a company
* Publish a book and/or sell a screenplay

2) SEVEN things I can do:

* Blog
* Sleep
* Lead a team or group toward success
* Write
* Dress to impress
* Educate and motivate
* Voice my opinion

3) SEVEN things I can't do:

* Swim
* Approach a woman and ask her out on a date
* Stop listening to rap music
* Tolerate laziness in the workplace and/or in life
* Kiss Ass like my coworkers -- Oops, did I say that?
* Fly like a bird
* Be less hyper-critical or judgmental of other people.

4) SEVEN things that attract me to a [woman]:

* Big butt
* Eyes
* Her sense of style/fashion
* Nice feet
* Her moral and ethical values
* Her passion for music and life
* Intelligence

5) SEVEN things I say the most:

* "When's the deadline?"
* "Bitch"
* "This beat is kinda hot. I like this song"
* "Talk to ya later, Angelique"
* "One large orange juice, please"
* "I hate Mondays."
* "Aw, shit. The train is delayed? Fuck, I'm trying to go home, dammit!"

6) SEVEN celebrity crushes:

* Actress Jennifer Lopez -- She is my future baby mama
* Hip-hopper Kanye West -- A double no homo with an extra NHJIC on the side
* Actor Denzel Washington -- Ditto
* Actress Halle Berry
* R&B songbird Keyshia Cole
* Former BET VJ Free

7) SEVEN people you'd like to see do this list:

You, You, You, You, Her, Him and You.


Let's Work It Out

Good Monday, everyone!

Another hectic work week for me. Ugh!

So, let's keep it moving and not waste another day and/or week.

The eye candy today is from Miami. She is an aspiring actress who likes to dance and workout at the local gym. You can peep a few photos of this lovely Latina, right HERE!

Muy Caliente!


Soul Survivor

Fuck Young Jeezy . . . Charmaine Neville is the real "Soul Survivor." Yeeeeauuh.

Charmaine Neville -- a member of one of New Orleans' great musical families the Neville Brothers, among others -- describes to her horrific ordeal of escaping from her home in Baton Rouge, La., after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her entire neighborhood. She witnessed hundreds of dead bodies floating in the water, citizens committing suicide, and sadly, she was raped at a shelter during her chaotic days trying to survive.

"What he (the rapist) took from me was nothing, because he can't take my spirit," Charmaine says. "He can't take my soul. My soul is New Orleans."
[Charmaine] believes brass bands will play in Congo Square again, that her city will rise again. "It may take us a couple of years, but it's gonna happen. We will not abandon our home. God put his foot down and that's why Louisiana's shaped like a boot. He said good people who have faith in me, who love life, who love good food, who love music, these is the kind of people who need to be here, and that's why we were born there."

Check out this VIDEO (Click on 3: Charmaine Neville-New Orleans Evacuee).

May God continue to bless Charmaine's soul.

And best wishes to those who are still recovering in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

I will keep you in my prayers.