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Music reviews for Little Brother's new CD The Minstrel Show have been very positive, so far. The overall response to the disc are better than that of Kanye West's latest, Late Registration. I just copped the disc on Tuesday and I love what I'm hearing, so far. I don't have time to write a song-per-song review; so instead, I'll let my fellow bloggers tell y'all how the disc sounds.

Gully blogger Bol, of, hasn't given a favorable review to any rap CD released this year. So I had to read how he was going to trash the LB fam's disc. But to my shock, Bol gave Little Brother thumbs up. Whoa!

Bol spits:

The skits on this album are arguably the best ever. You'd have to go back to early De La Soul to find anything comparable. This one, because it takes the form of a TV show, is actually reminiscent of the ones from 3 Feet High and Rising.

I was worried that this album would completely suck balls, nullus, but it's actually not that bad. In terms of the individual songs, the now two-albums-old LB formula is definitely starting to show signs of wear, but you can tell a lot of work was put into the overall presentation, which is nice.

Not only is LB getting love in the United States, but in Japan, as well. Blogger Beej of Full Court Press -- who apparently like to skeet skeet on pillows -- proclaims that The Minstrel Show is the Best Rap Album of the Year! He skeets:
I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that its better than Common's Be (blasphemy!!) and Kanye's slightly over-rated, though still dope Late Registration.
However, U.K. blogger Wasteland Drifter thinks LB's Minstrel Show is boring. He opines:
For those that care, the Little Brother album The Minstrel Show isn't a 5 mic album. Just like their debut (The Listening) it's background music at best and a potential cure for insomnia.
Ouch! He also gives a complete rundown of the disc, HERE.

But writer Oddeye loved The Minstrel Show and gave it an 8 out of 10. He also provided readers with a song clip of the most hilarious skit on the disc -- The "Cheatin'" song. Trust me, it's a very funny track.

Finally, North Carolina University student/writer Jake Seaton of Technician Online loved the skits. In fact, most of his review is about those "thought-provoking" skits. He writes:

The album is smart in comparison to what is typically heard on the radio, but is similar to the feel of Kanye West’s message in "Diamonds from Sierra Leone." Satirical and thought-provoking, The Minstrel Show is sure to get the kids listening -- if the radio and television allows them to.

I'm also going to leave you with one of my favorite joints from The Minstrel Show. The song is called "Not Enough." Enjoy. (A Hat Tip:

But the year is not over yet. I have been talking to a few journalists and they all keep telling me that Blackalicious' CD The Craft is the BEST OF THE YEAR. I'm a big Blackalicious fan so I can't wait.

If you are dying to hear some new stuff from Blackalicious, blogger DJ Moody posted two new joints from The Craft on his blog, Freemotion. "My Pen and Pad" and "Give It To You" (F/ Lyrics Born and Kween) is on some experimental rap shit. I think the duo is going down The Roots' Phrenology route. And we all know how rap heads felt about Phrenology -- some liked it, some didn't, while others were simply confused.

But I have faith in Blackalicious.