Thank You, Sista Rosa
Monday Madness: Triple Madness

King of the Hill?

I had one of those crazy dreams last night.

I dreamt that I was the lead crooner for the now defunct(?) R&B group Dru Hill.
And the shocking part was . . . I was singing a love ballad on the doorstep of blog vixen Saucy Dame's house.

For the record, I can't sing . . . at all.

As I was gyrating my hips and doing the two-step, I apparently was warbling a love song. The lyrics went:

Last night we were making love without a doubt/
Our bodies were in motion let's scream and shout/
Don't let go 'cause I'm about to explode/
*[Let get busy on the dance flo' . . ./]

(* -- Radio Edit)

And then I woke up.

Whaddu think? That's a hit record, right? I better call Jermaine Dupri.

But don't be alarmed, it wasn't a dream fantasy of mines to become a R&B singer.

You see, on Saturday, I went music shopping and I noticed that there was a new Dru Hill "Greatest Hits" CD on the shelf. I said to myself, "Whose bright idea was it to release this crap?" And I know that part of the dream was from me reading over a million times Saucy Dame's hilarious post, Laughing at the Glass. If you haven't read it, please do -- it's a blogsphere classic.

So don't worry, I won't be wearing a blond wig and crooning the "Thong Song" anytime soon.

But a brother can dream, right?